Naomi Tickle – Face-Reading: A Unique Career Tool

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Face-reading expert Naomi Tickle

Face-reading expert Naomi Tickle

A person’s face expresses a person as the body expresses DNA. Face-reading has its roots in China, where it has been used to determine one’s fortune for over 2,000 years. Since ancient times, people have used similar tools – including astrology, palmistry, runes, and tarot – to aid them in the quest for wisdom, insight, success, and the realization of their dreams. To that end, we welcome world-renowned speaker and career consultant Naomi Tickle to the show to discuss the practical benefits of face-reading. Naomi Tickle is passionate about helping people create lives and careers that fit. She has spoken and given workshops for AT&T, IBM, Morgan-Stanley, Macy’s, and CNN. She is the author of What Makes People Tick and Why and You Can Read a Face Like a Book.

Today, the science of face-reading (also called personology or physiognomy) is a subject of some controversy. For example, some people are sensitive to the fact that face-reading can be used as a profiling method, and face recognition technology has come to imply surveillance. However, face-reading can be a powerful tool for personal development and self-knowledge.

In the 1930s, Los Angeles County Judge Edward Jones began to see a connection between defendants’ facial features, personalities, behavior, innate abilities, and the crimes of which they were accused. Drawing from the experiences of his extensive judicial career, he developed a face-reading system that linked 68 facial features and characteristics to certain crimes with a statistical accuracy of 88%. Detailed tests set up by newspaper editor Robert Whiteside saw the accuracy spike to 92% for a sample group of 1050 adults.

Face-reading has also been used to predict the futures of United States Air Force Academy freshmen with an accuracy of 97% – including what type of aircraft they would fly.

Face-reading as a means of self-profiling can help individuals discover their innate strengths and skills. It presents a new angle from which to approach human resources, career changes, unhappiness with jobs, and seeking opportunity in economic downturns. Join us with Naomi Tickle and learn how you can use face-reading to navigate through life!

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  • Geo Dec 17, 2013 @ 10:52

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks sooooo much for that interview with Naomi. It happened a lot sooner than I had anticipated!!!! Imagine seeing these traits in your children at birth and how this could impact the raising of them and enriching their lives accordingly. I know this will give the insight to people that normally would not “see”. Pattern recognition is a recurring theme in life and there it is, right in front of our face, pardon the pun.
    You’re the Greatest Kim,
    All Best Holiday Cheer in the days ahead
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


  • Liz Hampson Jan 8, 2014 @ 4:09

    I enjoyed your talk. Very fluent and insightful.:very “you”; it was good to hear you again.
    Liz Hampson

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