Nick Redfern – Are Men in Black Real?

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Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern

If you have ever followed Ufology, researched the reported cases of UFO sightings and close encounters, or looked into the mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial visitation, you know that these phenomena have been occurring for a very long time (longer than many of us have been alive), and that some of these mysteries are quite obscure. One such phenomenon has to do with men in black suits and hats showing up at someone’s front door with a chilling warning or a suggestion to stop pursuing a particular line of inquiry or research. The purpose of these visits is to silence the witnesses of UFO and other paranormal phenomena. These Men in Black appear out of nowhere, leave no trace, and cannot be found after they give their message of warning. In some cases, these Men in Black have been linked with the FBI and other intelligence agencies, but many have no affiliation with them and vanish into thin air after they leave. Join us with bestselling author Nick Redfern as we discuss his newest book The Real Men in Black.

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