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What if you could use a magnetic device to optimize your delta wave activity during sleep, enhance energy production at the cellular level, and protect you from electromagnetic radiation and interference? It turns out that such a device already exists. Paul Becker has used it to help athletes and treat sleeping and respiratory problems worldwide for many years.

Since Robert O. Becker wrote The Body Electric, people all over the world have come to understand that the human body is electrical. This knowledge provides a solid frame of reference for understanding the exciting field of biomagnetics. Paul Becker from EarthPulse Technologies explains how we can protect ourselves from the perpetual bombardment of electromagnetic radiation. He designed the EarthPulse™ Sleep on Command® device to improve sleep and mitochondrial efficiency. Pulsed electromagnetic fields of proper frequency, intensity, and duration (8 hours during nighttime) induce the strongest sleep, anti-aging, and performance enhancement effects ever reported in the scientific literature. Tune in with Paul Becker and discover how biomagnetic supplementation can help you.

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  • Glory Sep 18, 2017 @ 14:16

    Thank you Kim for interviewing Paul Becker/EarthPulse back in 2010. – Excellent informative interview !
    Would you be able to interview Robert G Dennis formerly NASA – developer of ICES? ~ ~ Robert is very thorough, answers all questions on yt ….here is one of his yt vids ~

    • Kim Greenhouse Sep 28, 2017 @ 0:20

      Dear Glory,

      We will check this out and will be starting up again with regular broadcasting in November.
      Thank you for the suggestion.

      Kim Greenhouse

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