Rich Bergstrom – Healthy Ceramic Cookware

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Rich Bergstrom

Rich Bergstrom

its rainmaking time has produced over 30 segments on health and wellness. Now it’s time to address your cookware. Believe it or not, your cookware is as important as your water, the quality of your food, and your weekly fitness and sleep habits. It’s as important as hormone balance, what supplements you take, and how you react to stress. Your cookware is not to be underestimated or perceived merely as a tool for cooking. If you don’t know how traditional cookware operates, you may be shocked to learn that most cookware has adverse effects on your health. For those of you who are already aware that harmful coatings and gases are leaching into our food and being absorbed into our bodies with standard cookware, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that a wonderful solution awaits you. We invited Rich Bergstrom, the CEO of Ceramcor, to discuss the Ceramcor Xtrema line of non-toxic, environmentally safe ceramic cookware, bakeware, and teaware. If you are interested in making health your number one priority while you cook, you will love this segment!

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