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Richard Fine

Richard Fine

This is the most explosive series of Judicial & L.A. County Corruption and discoveries in the State of California aside from the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. If you dare to listen to this, you better be sitting down.

International attorney Richard Fine, formerly with the Justice Department, was disbarred and put in solitary confinement for 18 months when he stood up to the judicial system in California for bribery and corruption. He discovered that the County of Los Angeles, some of its supervisors, and many of its judges were accepting illegal payments in addition to their salaries that violated the law, ethics, and the trust of the people of California. The State Bar of California has supported, empowered, and conspired to protect the same judges, and anyone who accepted bribes and money – including the County of Los Angeles itself, which withheld millions of dollars of child support that were paid, but never delivered to the women and children they were to go to. In order to protect everyone for corruption charges and misdeeds and violating the public trust, they moved to disbar him and Judge Jaffe ordered that Mr. Richard Fine be placed in coercive solitary confinement for 18 months to force him to pay for attorney and client charges for a case he never represented.

The level of conflicts of interest, corruption, criminality, and financial misconduct is staggering. Not only did this happen, but the same people who did this got together and created a new statute giving all involved parties complete and total retroactive immunity for corruption, bribery, and violation of the California Constitution.

If they can conspire to do this to the honorable Richard Fine, who dared to call them all on it and take a stand to stop it, can you imagine what they can do to everyone else in the courtrooms of California? If you live in California and use California Courts and don’t make it your business that this go viral, CAVEAT EMPTOR.

(Original air date: 8/6/2012)

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  • Shaheda Aug 13, 2012 @ 5:27

    Thank you so much. Corrupt, unethical & bribed Judges exist in all states–Mass & DC in my case. Problem is that all attorneys are scared and so are the clerks, and all other employees of the courts.

    Only people like Richard Fine will be able to bring attention to this wide-spread Judicial crime. No kind of reform, even constitutional reform can fix this overwhelming problem.

    Shaheda Rizvi

  • Paul Sep 10, 2012 @ 5:31

    Imagine standing in court and being judged by one of these criminals ! it’s disgusting.

    • shaheda rizvi Feb 3, 2013 @ 16:38

      Exactly–My imagination was very faulty Paul, that is why I sought Justice in these courts.
      SO, what should be our song? Tried, failed, jailed, and now what?

  • Shaheda Sep 10, 2012 @ 15:34

    Bravo Richard Fine!! You are my Hero. Justice today means that those that have exposed mass corruption and fraud are duly prosecuted, deprived of all means of livelihood, paraded as either harmless lunatics, or gun-carrying terrorists, while the criminals occupy high seat of office, including the Presedential Office, enjoy happy hours with other crooks and criminals, planning
    the demise of their next victim/victims — Victims being those who threaten their modus-operandi.

    Yes, You are my Hero, Richard Fine!!

  • Justice4David Oct 24, 2014 @ 2:07

    I Need your help to reunite with my son who was illegally kidknapped by corrupt LA Vounty Judge Daniel Zeke Zeidler. He went so far to seal the courtroom records in my case. I can attedt first hand to the corruption. Especially in The Edelman’s Children’s Court. Help my case started in 2008 and true to this report Dishonorable Judge Zeke Zeidler guaranteed and assured my corrupt attorney Donna Bernstein Wright that nothing would happen to her , ehen she questioned him about whether or not she would be reported to the State Bar. @ mychildstolen Twitter and #Justice4David he moved my son out of state During Reunification , after my not being given visits even though his own court order Granted them . All in an effort protect his fake , phony misleading and outright lying courtroom drama and coverups. THIS IS Severe parental Alienation. #greed #corruption

    • mike Apr 12, 2015 @ 18:59

      see Youtube / Karl Lentz 173 – Restoration of property ( kids ) . see Youtube / Karl Lentz 229 – Granting jurisdiction in court, how DHS takes your kids and how to get them back . see Talkshoe / Karl Lentz . see Youtube / Karl Lentz – Your Children are Your Property . after 6 years losing , then Karl filed a 1 page Claim Demand and the judge Ordered them to return Karl’s property/son now . see Youtube / Karl Lentz UK Column 17 Dec 2013 Part 1 his story .

    • 5kids Nov 18, 2017 @ 20:27

      I am currently dealing with the same judge Zeke Zeidler he has been keeping my kids in foster care for over a year now at the inception of the case he was going to send my now 17 year old son to NC live with his father that he has not seen in 13yrs during reunification the only reason that order was nixed because of his criminal record I was falsely accused of abuse on my 5year old daughter who they coerced to say she was smothered with a pillow by me and her stepfather I was then tricked into pleading no contest in February I was told I would get my kids back in a few months needless to say when we went to court in may that didn’t happen my 2 oldest boys were given to my mom while my 3 youngest 5 and under remain in foster care and I’m being told that they will possibly adopted out if I can’t find a family member to be the guardian of them I miss my kids so much I just don’t know what to do these false allegations have ruined my life.

  • Its Not Probate, It's Prorape Jul 18, 2015 @ 20:17

    Watch 9th Circuit Southern District of California Federal Case 3:15-cv-00874 Grant v Bostwick. Pro-se has taken on the corrupt probate court of San Diego County by suing one of the probate judges for equitable relief under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 in a controversial 14th amendment claim. Grant states that, while she wants to save her parents home, protect the beneficiries who her parents put under her care when they made her trustee and see her mother’s wishes carried out, it is of equal importance to stop the corruption in the probate court where trusts are wide open treasure chests for the courts to extort money and unethical probate attorneys and private fiduciarys rob their clients enabled by the court. Other victims of the probate court have started contacting her.
    Grant tells an interesting story of 6 weeks she spent in Lisbon where she often would go to the church of the Martyrs (Catholic) and pray before an alter in which there was a statute of Jesus holding out the cup of the eucharist and beckoning with the other hand. Beside Him stood Our Lady of Sorrow with her heart pierced. “This is what God has called me to do” says Grant. I hope I can only prove myself worthy. Daily I have to ask Him for strength and to guide me.
    15 years ago she took a paralegal course when volunteering at the DA’s office as a victim advocate. She graduated with honors but never went into law though she has often told she should have been an attorney.. She now believes that this was all divine providence to prepare her for what would happen after her mother’s death.
    Grant believes that the world needs more Richard Fine’s. She would only hope that she would have half the courage he did as she fights her own battle. Joan of Arc started the war that would rescue France from the British but was not the one to complete it. The same with William Wallace and Scotland. It takes someone to start the war, but it must be completed by others. RIchard Fine has started a war for freedom from the tyranny of the courts.. Those who have been exposed to their corruption must look to his example and follow.

  • Judith Pecho Jan 11, 2016 @ 22:46

    About twenty years ago my uncle passed away with a will, and attorneys appointed as the executors refused to give us any accounting whatsoever, He had owned a house in Los
    Angeles and left it to his sister and brothers.. His sister was living and in her 80’s, lived in senior housing in San Diego. She managed to show up for a hearing in the Los Angeles Probate Court about the estate and she told me they were shocked and outraged that she had come. I don’t think they gave her true any idea what the purpose of the hearing was. The family had been spread across the country, but the attorneys located and contacted myself, brother and sister, since his brother, my father, had passed before him. I phoned the law firm to ask for an accounting of the settlement. We got a check for only around $10,000 each, and the sister likely around $15,000 and two other nieces and nephews divided their fathers share. It seemed quite a pittance for the sale of a house in Los Angeles. He did pretty well for himself as he was a television clown on a local children’s’ program on televisions.
    I recalled calling the attorneys and asking for an accounting of his assets and what they were sold for but they were very nasty and rude, and sent absolutely nothing. It seemed a lost cause and so I did not pursue it further as it should had been. It seemed obvious that the concerns of Richard Fine were involved with the settlement and distribution of this estate. Just the fact they refused indicated to me something was array. Like much too late now to look into it.

  • Judith Pecho Jan 11, 2016 @ 23:06

    Richard, You might like to take a look at the web site, or bill@bill
    This man has been making a documentary on the corruption across America and got caught up with a particular judge in Ravali County, Mt. The story he lays out is outrageous and very sad. He is still trying to keep himself out of jail. He spent 158 days in jail for something written on a Twitter that he said he did not write. and that the TOP order was expired, and was not legal in that he was not any hearing, not noticed. The judge had him arrested in Texas and brought via Idaho to the Montana Jail and he either had to pay a $4.1 million bond or go to jail. He was finally released by agreeing to an ankle bracelet. I have forwarded your name on to him. He just finished a pro se trial that was juried, and prevented from presenting most of his case, and he said it was quite a violation of his rights. He is a very intelligent man, but this is ruining his life. Family deserted him, and the usual whistle blower treatment. I hate to see him spend any more time in jail as I am fearful of his safety if he is again returned to jail. The court seems intent on preventing his documentary from being completed, and Bill Windsor is intent on completing it.
    I have read much of what he has written and have personally gotten caught up with this same judge who issued a T.O.P. requested by my daughter when I live 2700 miles away, and have not been to Montana in over 17 years, never owned property in Montana, have no financial interests, etc., and never threatened to shoot her. She “needs” my assets. I filed a Special Appearance for Motion to void the order because of lack of jurisdiction. and gave many case laws, Montana Statute, and filed it on time to him and her new attorney, but after ten days the attorney filled a “Order”, that said the case would be dismissed. He did not rule the order was invalid and that I was not obliged to do anything under his court. But after what he has done with Mr. Windsor I fear he will have me hauled to Montana. I am in Florida and am 73 years old and have a disability. Wonder if I should persist he seal the order he initially signed against the precedence and laws so it does not haunt me at any other time. (Months earlier she got a $300K judgement at 10% interest) in the same Judges court. He would like the money to come to his county
    Sorry to pour soo much on you at once. But Bill is the most urgent need of a shoulder to lean on. He is filing appeals but they are so impossible to get any court to rule over any lower court. He is a really good and compassionate man. Thanks you.

  • Miguel Diaz Jan 15, 2019 @ 18:32

    My Children are in imminent Danger because of Judge Daniel Zeke Zeidler who has defrauded my Family when he and his friends including Jesus Duran Aguayo AKA Jess Duran who stoled all my funds from a 17,000,000.00 Millions of Dollars trust there’s a police report (Seal Beach Police Department Case #18-01191 case was forward to the FBI for investigation)

    They already arrested Mr.Carlos Castillo on June 19,2018 on Child porn charges, Castillo is a Los Angeles County DCFS regional administrator and Adoption Manager but not only The Criminal who took my children Jess Duran is a Convicted Pedophile that works for DCFS.

    After I spoke to the FBI about this tragedy, The FBI arrested Michael Zeidler on December 18,2018 on Child porn Charges this Psychopath and his dear brother Judge Daniel Zeke Zeidler are just part of an extensive ring of Pedophiles Shame on you LA County DCFS!!

    • Kim Greenhouse Jan 27, 2019 @ 8:21

      I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you Miguel. How did he pierce the trust because a trust is a separate entity and is usually managed by Fiduciaries of some kind. How did he steal those funds? Can you clarify please?

  • tanya oneill Aug 17, 2019 @ 4:55

    I have had a bad lawless experience in the court,
    want to here more about corruption case, and people must
    united against corruption.

  • tanya oneill Aug 17, 2019 @ 4:56

    I have had a bad lawless experience in the court.

  • tanya oneill Aug 17, 2019 @ 4:57

    we must united against corruption.

  • James F. McKinnon Oct 22, 2019 @ 15:15

    I know you are a busy man and that would be a understatement, but I am in Texas and my late wife and her estate and WILL of abuse have been trapped within the courts and I surviving spouse have been denied any means of money to survive by from estate and court for over 7 years now. I am up against the Attorney General’s Office attorneys in court, they do not scare me but justice is hard to fine, but my desire to win is in my faith and a person not afraid of a fight. If you can help me or no of any attorney in Texas that would be willing to fight injustice please contact me you have my e-mail address and my phone no. is 512-715-4779. I refuse to be defeated, God bless

  • Philip Power Jun 26, 2021 @ 10:32

    If more Jews were like Richard, then antisemitism would disappear!
    In the wake of World War I, the Dulles brothers helped construct the international treaties and legal definitions that shut down efforts to bring mass murderers of that time to justice. Between the wars, both were active in U.S.-German trade and diplomatic relations, particularly in developing ornate corporate camouflage intended to frustrate efforts to increase public accountability of major companies. Like many other corporate leaders in the United States, the two brothers also disagreed for a time on how best to respond to the new war unfolding between Germany and Britain. They did agree, however, on what was to them the pivotal issue: the preservation of the influence of European business and diplomatic elites, including that of Germany, when the conflict was over.
    Allen Dulles exploited his post in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) to quash war crimes prosecutions of senior Nazi of ficials and German business leaders who cooperated with him in a series of clandestine schemes to secure U.S. advantage in Central Europe. He personally intervened to ensure the escape from prosecution of major German bankers and industrialists complicit in the Nazis’ extermination-through-labor program, according to archival records brought to light here for the first time. Dulles also protected SS Obergruppenfuhrer Karl Wolff, the highest-ranking SS officer to survive the war and one of the principal sponsors of the Treblinka extermination camp, as well as a number of Wolff’s senior aides, who were alleged to have been responsible for deportation of Jews to Auschwitz and massacres of Italian partisans.
    Meanwhile, John Foster Dulles helped forge consensus on Wall Street and in the Republican party in favor of an “internationalist” U.S. foreign policy based on rebuilding the German economic elite into a renewed bulwark against revolution in Europe. As will be seen, a key element in his effort was the extension of a de facto amnesty to most of Germany’s business leadership, regardless of their activities during the Third Reich.

  • Deborah Rasmussen Oct 20, 2021 @ 8:37

    there is assistance in a Washington State Case full of corruption. First is a Attorney-Andrew Mitchell/Escrow/Seller of property on contract. After negotiations says will take care of a note and deed of trust. Since this is stated, it is not on contract as per instructions. % years later trying to refinance and pay off the $ 53,000 due on Contract for purchase there is this Note and Deed of Trust in the amount of $ 78,000.00, that the seller renews after negotiations of the contract, but becomes unavailable for 3 week during the time he renegotiates the loan with the bank. Purchaser is to record the contract.. seller at signing locks out one of the parties from the building. Has one party sign the contract, then states he has business up north that he will record the contract. This same Attorney states he will act as escrow so they will not have to come out of pocket for escrow account. Seller refuses to record contract threatens the bank not to give payoff of the note and deed of trust for title insurance. Purchaser cannot get tile insurance. Seller will not sign closing documents with closing agency. seller now trying to take property back for lack of payments when he will accept non, contract expired.

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