Richard Powers – Agnihotra: An Ancient Healing Ceremony

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Richard Powers (and his wife, Lisa Powers), is an agnihotri: one who practices an ancient healing ceremony called Agnihotra. Richard Powers has been practicing Agnihotra for 37 years. He learned it from the late Vasant Paranjpe, world Agnihotra teacher, author, founder and former president of Fivefold Path, Inc. A component of ayurveda (Sanskrit: “the science of longevity”), the purpose of agnihotra is the purification of the atmosphere with a specially-prepared fire set in an inverted copper pyramid, using brown rice, dried cow dung (manure), and ghee (clarified unsalted butter) as fuel. The ceremony is undertaken at both sunrise and sunset and accompanied by the chanting of a Sanskrit mantra.

Although it was discovered in ancient India and written in Sanskrit, Agnihotra does not require one to be a part of any religion or culture. Agnihotra has been reported to reduce stress, increase energy, fill one’s mind with love, and aid in breaking drug and alcohol addiction. It is also known to nourish plant life, improve water retention in soil, purify water resources, neutralize radiation, and harmonize the functioning of prana or chi (life energy). Join us as Richard Powers offers insight into this ancient science, and learn how it can benefit your home, your life, and the planet!

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