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Roger Dooley

All over the world, businesses are using neuromarketing to influence purchasing decisions. Neuromarketing is a scientifically-based method of increasing sales and customer retention rates by cultivating a specific reaction to a marketing communication. This is accomplished by bypassing the brain’s logic center, stimulating the ancient part of the brain to be emotionally attracted to a product or service offering. The brain science behind neuromarketing is being studied and evaluated with a 3D imaging technology called FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging). So far, although testing has been limited to small groups of people and specific conditions, FMRI is revealing much about how our brain works.

Neuromarketing has garnered mixed reactions from the public because of its potential to influence free will through radio, television, and print advertising. Unfortunately, this tends to overshadow fascinating and helpful aspects of this emerging scientific field. For example, neuromarketing can be used to more effectively design and introduce products and services. Tune in as guest Roger Dooley of Neuromarketing outlines the many facets of this scientifically-based form of marketing.

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