Ron Whitney and Mark Tracy – Barter: A Smart Way to Pay

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Barter is a method of exchanging goods and services without using cash that has existed since ancient times. Today, the public is likely to perceive barter as illegal, antiquated, or irrelevant. However, barter is not only legal and recognized by the IRS coding system: it is the basis for an entire industrial matrix that is available to anyone that is interested in participating.

Barter is a dynamic financial system of trade for those who are willing to do business outside the box of the current financial paradigm. Join us as Ron Whitney, the executive director of the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), and American Commerce Exchange (ACX) president Mark Tracy share fascinating insights into the world of barter.

IRTA is a non-profit organization committed to promoting just and equitable standards of practice and operation within the modern trade and barter and other Alternative Capital Systems Industry, by raising the awareness and value of these processes to the entire global community.

ACX offers an innovative way for businesses to market their excess products and services. Rather than one-on-one barter, members become part of an organization system, whereby they have access to a wide range of talents and products in exchange for their own services and inventory.

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  • kerstin Mar 19, 2010 @ 12:37

    I think bartering is becoming popular and people are beginning to realize that it is nothing illegal (as you already indicated). It is just a smart way to get what you are looking for without using cash. I barter myself on, for commercial use as well as for business purposes. There are several users who offer their skills and knowledge, which could be helpful for companies AND individuals. I think this new trend will become even more popular as it is already!

  • Jesse A Roldan Mar 16, 2011 @ 20:48

    Bartering is as old as time. I believe that bartering is the answer to this hard difficult times. Business that barter are not only smart but are able to survive by trading empty time or space in the case of a restaurant or hotel or excess inventory that is seating there. I have been in the barter industry for over 10 years and now i’m grateful that as the owner of The Barter Corp we are able to provide a great solution to business that are struggling as well as business that are starting or are looking for additional revenue. Our new platform on our site @ is a great platform since we use one of the newest most advance platform which is call Barter21 which is actually own by BCL Soft. Any exchange looking for a great platform should go to to join the network. Another great thing about having a trade exchange is that we are able to give up to 10,000 business credit line to trust worthy business that are looking for access to working capital or emergency funds that could be spend within The Barter Corp network.

    I’m so glad that this website is concern about the Barter Industry.

    As I always Say….. Why Pay Cash-When I Can Barter!

  • max Sep 30, 2012 @ 18:56

    This isn’t Barter, this requires a payment with phony money. Barter is when I repair your puter and you give me a subscription to your website especially without the government being involved.

    • Kim Greenhouse Oct 1, 2012 @ 7:38

      Yes, you are correct, however, in today’s USA exchanges related to Barter, the IRS has made it illegal to do Barter without their involvement and so any formal exchange must work with them. What is lawful and what is legal is very different. Unfortunately, the IRS rule is unlawful but it is “legal”.

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