Ruth Hedges – A New Equity Crowdfunding Occasion

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Ruth Hedges

Ruth Hedges

Crowdfunding prime mover Ruth Hedges appears on It’s Rainmaking Time!® to talk about the next big thing in US equity funding. Entrepreneurs have been waiting for the ban on funding solicitation to be lifted so that equity-based crowdfunding can begin. Equity-based crowdfunding will allow billions of investment dollars to flow into new businesses, provide a new way to raise capital, expand investment opportunities, create jobs nationwide, and generate funds for new business startups.

Ruth Hedges is a lecturer at the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Lee Business School and the Founder of Global Crowdfunding Day. She is the CEO of Crowdfunding Roadmap, an annual conference in Henderson, Nevada on October 14-16th 2013, and the creator and key architect of the Funding Roadmap – an innovative online platform for business planning and due diligence reporting. Ruth also serves as a board member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association, and helped write the original legislation to get crowdfunding approved by the US government.

Kim and Ruth hit the ground running in a passionate discussion about the real opportunity of crowdfunding that will make entrepreneurs, governments, and investors pay attention.

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