Sandee Mac – Dowsing: The Solution to Drought

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Sandee Mac

Sandee Mac

Sandee Mac, the president of the American Society of Dowsers, joins us as we continue our exploration of the art and science of dowsing. For over 30 years, Sandee Mac has used this amazing tool to help people connect with their deepest insight to facilitate change in their lives. In this segment, she discusses the excitement and challenges of providing leadership for an ancient practice that is desperately needed today.

The American Society of Dowsers is a non-profit corporation founded in Vermont in 1961. Their mission is to disseminate knowledge, provide training and research, and teach the requisite skills to become a dowser. Sandee Mac discusses dowsing as an important calling, addressing the urgent need for people to open up and receive its treasures.

Dowsing can be used to locate water, lost objects and people, and answer literally any question. Adults and children alike can use it as a guide during emergency situations where the best decisions and actions may be unclear.

Since interviewing the late Bill Cox, a professional dowser who replenished Lake Elsinore with his mentor Vern Cameron, its rainmaking time has been deeply interested in dowsing. Our interviews with the wise and indelible Raymon Grace – among our most popular and well-received segments – offer further illumination into the potential applications of this ancient skill. Recent guest Bill Northern introduced us to dowsing as a tool for animal communication. If you enjoyed those shows, you’re in for a treat!

California and other locations of the world are experiencing formidable conditions of drought. Spreading knowledge about dowsing applications can enable the world to face them – and win. Join us with Sandee Mac and learn how dowsing can help us meet the greatest challenges we have ever faced.

This show is dedicated to all dowsers: those who have lived before, who are here now, and who will be here in the future to help humankind and the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms.

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  • Maggie Heinze May 17, 2014 @ 8:41

    !!! HOT DOG !!!


    Thank You Both,

    M Heinze

  • david longenhagen May 22, 2014 @ 7:55

    I am now listening for the 2nd time. good material here. i am actually researching phases of this in that respect of where does the information come from. with remote viewing, as well as dowsing, i am looking at the quantum connection. i find that “we” exist in the now, a apex of a sine wave. “Before is down behind that apex and in front the coming future. from what i can asses the “id”, is the source of hunches, and the like, “it” seems to have access to both all the past, and the future, but since “pre” knowledge could change the future this “id” is loathe to give up easily that which we percieve as the future. However, it can be tricked into this using the proicedures which you have mentioned. since we are all individuals, the “hows” of each person is the way to go, which ever gets the answers best seems to be the way. As a a dowser will usually not take payment for services rendered till after the well draws water. the person getting a call “yes thank you we found the water where you said”, or we cant understand it, we should have water but it was there after you told us. “you now know in the future, where the water is”, that information is available to the “id”, and I believe (but could be wrong) that we initiate the source vis time transference via quantum plane interaction. thanks

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