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Felix Cavaliere

The Beloved Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Singer/Songwriter Felix Cavaliere of The Young Rascals joins us to share about his amazing life and music.


Naomi Wolf, Best-Selling Author, Controversial Journalist, Speaker & Business Owner of ‘Daily Clout’ pops in to discuss why she feels tortured about “Abortion”.

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“Retroactive Censorship”
Has Taken Hold! It’s On!

In 2019 an important health show was removed and we were given a warning for a show that was delivered in 2013. Notice these dates.

On August 31st 2023, Kim discovered that her Personal Tribute to her late doctor, Dr. James Privitera, was not only Removed from YouTube but, was also given a Strike. 3 strikes in the life of a channel on its platform, the entire channel will be removed.

It’s important that you hear the Audio Tribute to Kim’s late Doctor, Dr. James Privetera. That YouTube does not agree with what the late Doctor said in the first few minutes of the Tribute, or what his life’s work was about, or even how Kim talked about it. It’s not acceptable grounds for removal or a strike; even under their new Terms of Service called “Medical Misinformation”.

For your review: Here’s the Audio Tribute

The next day, It’s Rainmaking Time! sent YouTube an Appeal. Within 24 hours, it was denied.

Kim’s 7-Point Appeal to YouTube:

  1. This was a Tribute to my Late Doctor who was so loved & appreciated by his California patients.
  2. No Medical Misinformation exists here.
  3. We shared what happened legally & his challenges, which is based on FACTS.
  4. This was a Commentary about how profound his work was & the Medical help he provided to his patients.
  5. This was a TRIBUTE TO DR. JAMES PRIVITERA after the short opening of the segment with his own voice.
  7. I feel that AI got a hold of this TRIBUTE & due to words that were mentioned, flagged this account.
  8. I’d like this Tribute to my Doctor to be Reinstated. YouTube should professionally review it minute by minute.

Thank you!

Very soon, Kim will be addressing the concept of Censorship in a commentary. Look for an American Twist Delivery on the subject and practice of censorship.

Help us distribute and spread this Special Commentary far and wide to literally everyone you know.

It will be available in Audio & Video on itsrainmakingtime.ch and Vimeo.

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Examining Peer Review

🎙️ “Dive Deeper into the World of Peer Review! Uncover the truths and challenges behind academia’s most Veiled & Highly Defended process. Join Gavin Menzies and Dr. Tim Ball as they unravel the mysteries of peer review and its impact on true discovery.
Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation.
Click below to Play Now!” 🎧

Calling in The U.S. Constitution

Dr. Edwin Vieira, PhD & JD, is one of the most important Legal Minds regarding the reality and application of The US Constitution. He hits it out of the park.

Kim Shares Wild Stories
About Motherhood & Her Mother!

Dive into this heartwarming journey with Kim and celebrate the timeless contributions of motherhood. Don’t miss out on these captivating tales!

There’s No Such Thing as The News

Kim gives a passionate commentary about the fact that there is ‘No Such Thing As The News!‘ and she explains why in detail. Look-out!

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