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Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Sharon Lynn Wyeth is the author of Know the Name; Know the Person, the first book to use Neimology Science to gain insight into how a person thinks, feels, and behaves by interpreting their name.

By her seventh year as a schoolteacher, she had begun to discern patterns in the placement of letters in student names that closely related to their personalities and gifts. She started arranging her classroom seating charts accordingly, finding that it supported her efforts to run an effective, disciplined classroom. Later, as a Vice Principal in the State of Oregon, her work with misbehaving children and their parents brought her to a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by people with certain letters or letter patterns in their names.

Fifteen years later, Sharon Lynn Wyeth’s background in mathematics and formal education experience had transformed this unique skill into a well-developed system for helping people to improve their lives and relationships.

Intuition is key in a fast-paced world that demands quick decisions and hastily-formed relationships. We need to be able to trust the people we hire, partner with, or give access to our money in a short amount of time. According to Sharon Lynn Wyeth, Neimology Science gives us a way to confirm our hunches about those around us and gain insight into others and ourselves.

In this segment, Sharon Lynn Wyeth guides us through the ancient and modern origins of Neimology Science and offers a wealth of practical applications and examples from her extensive career. We also discuss naming in terms of resonance, the interplay between first and last names, the role of children in choosing their own names, how to deal with being given the “wrong” name, and advice for people with problematic naming patterns.

What’s in a name? Join us with Neimology Science pioneer Sharon Lynn Wyeth and find out!

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  • bernard Jan 14, 2014 @ 1:20

    Very interesting interview. I know that in Chinese culture, naming newborn baby is a huge deal. Usually the grandparents give the baby their name, and the grandparents think very long and hard for the “right” name for the baby.

    Most Chinese have First, Middle and Last name. The last name tells the family clan, The middle name tells the generation, The first name is the person’s true name. So children of the same family clan of the same generational line would have the same middle names.

  • Lynne Jan 19, 2014 @ 13:10

    Sadly, you lost me when the two of you started expressing your political bias. Just feel it had NO place in the interview.

    • Kim Greenhouse Jan 21, 2014 @ 13:24

      Dear Lynne,

      Thank you for listening to the show and for sharing how you feel about us “losing you” at 42 minutes, 37 seconds, when we invited the guest to talk about her take on public figures such as Larry King and Barack Obama. Just so you know and just to make myself perfectly clear, It’s Rainmaking Time! is not a political show. This does not mean that I will never comment on something a guest says on the show. In this case our guest did comment and I am perfectly OK with my response.

      Sharon Lynn Wyeth honestly answered my question about public figures and our president was one of them. Too bad that you have such a reaction to it. My guests are not forced to like or dislike anyone. I do not censor them. They also don’t have to dance on eggshells regarding reporting on their work findings. You can’t please everybody and for sure, this segment is NOT POLITICAL, in spite of how you feel and what you have written here. I invite you to get over the issue you have with my guest daring to share her body of work and how it applies to public figures. The fact that I mentioned that our president has a different birth name is in fact very important in doing an assessment in this area of inquiry called Your Name Impacts Your Life. Take care. Kim Greenhouse

  • Carla Jan 30, 2014 @ 21:14

    Thank you Kim!
    What a fascinating show! You always have the most interesting guests on your shows. Name vibrations certainly are real and very important.
    How could anyone get lost or think this show was political?? Using examples of well known people and places is a great way to explain the meaning of names. This show was not at all political.
    Strange how some people misinterpret what is being said. In doing so, sadly, they miss the bigger picture and all the benefits of the interview.

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