Comment Protocol

To best serve you and others coming to the site, here are the Comment Protocols and Policies:

We support and appreciate Helpful & Constructive Comments.

  1. While most internet podcasts or broadcast public discussions are referred to as “Interviews” in “Q & A” style formats, If you require a Q & A format, this is not the right podcast for you. These conversations are energetic and the host is very active.
  1.  We require decorum and basic people manners when comments are made. Leaving timelines helps others note where your point is being referenced.
  1. You’re welcome to passionately disagree with any content and share alternative content of anything different than what has been shared here on the site.
  1. Trolling and Comment feedback are not the same. Visitors who consume It’s Rainmaking Time! content and issue personal attacks will be blocked if they are without reference to exact timelines where your issue presents itself. Negativity is infectious, but, so is life-giving feedback. We live at a time of great disconnection. It’s easy for any armchair judge to type in a comment to generate nothing more than trying to shut down access to the content, or frame initial perceptions of the conversation. We invite differences as life-giving feedback on how to make something better. Trolling will not be tolerated.
  1. If there is any issue with the way the dialogues are conducted, send your issue to  the Contact Page.