Sophia Stewart – Taking Back Stolen Copyrights

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Sophia Stewart

Sophia Stewart

The blossoming authorship market is fiercely competitive beyond your wildest imagination. Copyrights and trademarks are not just legal registrations: they function as modern-day real estate. They are properties to be honored and protected; if they are treated correctly, they can become a source of passive revenue, generating income for life. A finished work keeps rolling and never dies. Learning how to take possession of your property is imperative for creative people that intend to monetize their works. Creating is distinct from owning your property! Welcome to the inner world of copyright law and the matrix of copyright theft.

In walks Sophia Stewart — the mother of The Matrix and The Terminator — whose original stories won four Oscars, grossed over $25 billion, and continue to reach new audiences every day. From where does her genius come, and is it really possible to steal it? Nominated for the prestigious Sri Chinmoy’s U Thant Award, Sophia Stewart is a visionary, decorated author, and seasoned paralegal here to share her outrageous and captivating true life tale of copyright theft.

Speaking to us from the trenches, Stewart adamantly demystifies the lore and confusion clouding copyright law and equips us with effective, straightforward protocols for establishing and recovering creative proprietorship. The segment then moves beyond copyright infringement to tap into a broad bandwidth of revelatory business protocol, including the opportunities of the digital age and the physics of seeding a vision.

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  • Bernard Sep 13, 2013 @ 23:20

    Thank You Kim!
    You are like battering ram of truth breaking through the wall of BS.

  • Taffy Sep 15, 2013 @ 15:49

    You should google Sophia’s name. She refused to show up for court after she made a big deal about this. Later she took her lawyer to court of not helping her in the losing case (even after he was dead). She is the kind of person who uses lawsuits to get other’s money. On coast to coast am, radio interview Sept 14 2013, she told everyone she was hispanic and native american. However, she usually tells everyone she is black. She has lied about so many things .. its surprising people like you still write about her. And dont say you confirmed her legal documents. Any one can apply for a copyright and start a lawsuit. Funny that she never has won one. She is the kind of person who will want those white folks to pay for her great grandfather’s slavery reparations soon enough. What a joke!

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