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Steven Halpern

Steven Halpern

You may not be aware of it, but sound shapes consciousness. Award-winning composer and musicology guru Steven Halpern has spent three decades applying this principle in music to induce healing, meditative states, heightened awareness and receptivity, and deep relaxation. He developed his unique “anti-frantic alternative” music in response to the stresses and demands of modern life. A prolific recording artist, Steven has released over 70 albums since 1975, including the popular Inner Peace Music® and SoundWave 2000™ subliminal audio series.

Hailed as “a genuine article in a scene that is all too often clogged with half-baked mystics and ultimately superficial ideas”, Steven Halpern, Ph.D. is no mere musician. His graduate studies focused on scientifically validating the effects of his music. Steven’s landmark research on the connection between sound, consciousness, and healing was the first to use brainwave biofeedback and Kirlian (aura) photography, and established him as the pioneer of sound healing. Today, he speaks holistic and health centers and conferences on stress, music therapy, massage, and accelerated learning all over the world. If stress is dragging you down, Steven Halpern might just have the solutions you’re looking for! Join us as we explore the amazing healing power of sound.

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  • Stan Johnson May 2, 2012 @ 1:22

    Looking foreward to hearing this, strange to relate now but in the 50s peole in America were called quacks if they said they could heal with music. Ive thought for a long time that relaxation could heal, to me its only sense as the physiology of our bodies changes depending if our homeostasis is out of balance.

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