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I have had so much joy listening to one of my favorite bands for the last 25 years, Swing Out Sister. At this time, they cannot fly out of London to tour due to the Iceland volcano, which has impacted all of Europe’s airspace. It’s a marvelous time to seize the moment of the unique window of quiet that is provided, however temporary, to open a dialogue with one of the well kept secrets of the music industry. Swing Out Sister has endured the test of time and has been able to make their passion work in the world of professions. They have been able to sustain a spirit of togetherness and freshness that after many years is unique to the industry.

After 20 years since they made their big hit Break Out, they have been traveling all over the world spreading their joy and togetherness with audiences that connect to their music.

Swing Out Sister is a rare breed of musical contribution not only as a band, but, as a family of musicians that have evolved together over many years of life and over many personal transitions. They have a major contribution to make about what it is that still has them going so strong and how come it is that audiences around the world are still happy and willing to stand for hours to see them perform live.

They have a magic and a sound that is undeniably magnetic and happy. Their smash hit The Waiting Game reminds us that so much of life is a waiting game. What’s also true is that there are times to wait and times to move. It is our time to move the question and ask for Corinne Drewery to appear as our guest.

It’s Rainmaking Time! requests the presence of their lead singer, Corinne Drewery, for a telephone interview during this transition when many airlines have forced Swing Out Sister and other bands to be grounded in their home country, England.

This grounding is an opportunity to take time out of busy schedules to share the pearls of wisdom gathered from the years of being a great and successful band contributing so much to audiences around the world.

If anyone knows or can locate Corrine Drewery, please go for it. We could use any help we can to invite her to the occasion of a phone interview. Nature is calling a short time- out for world travel. This short time out for Swing Out Sister is a perfect window for standing still and sharing their marvel right from England. How about it Swing Out Sister?

It’s Rainmaking Time!

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