Sydney Ross Singer – Bras and Breast Cancer

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Sydney Ross Singer

Sydney Ross Singer

Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer stunned the world in 1995 with their book Dressed To Kill, which explored the link between bras and breast cancer. The book described the findings of a 1991-93 Bra and Breast Cancer study on the bra-wearing habits and views of 4,700 American women. The study results showed that bra-free women had the same incidence of breast cancer as men, whereas wearing a bra for over 12 hours a day greatly increased the incidence of breast cancer. Women who wore a bra for 18-24 hours daily had over a hundred times greater incidence of breast cancer than bra-free women. These controversial findings led Sydney and Soma to study the role of culture in disease, and led to the founding of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease (ISCD) in Hawaii. Today, Sydney Ross Singer – a medical anthropologist, author, and the director of the ISCD – is pioneering a field of health research called Applied Medical Anthropology in an attempt to discover the many ways culture makes us sick.

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  • Bernard Jun 25, 2013 @ 0:11

    Booby Trap? Ha Ha… I loved that.

  • Yachiyo Yuki Jan 8, 2015 @ 23:50

    Some Dr. said reason why Japanese are getting more Breast cancer, because of western style food. Oriental intestine is 1 meter longer than Western people. Actually, western people intestine shrunk to remove food out from body, it took hundreds of thousands of year to shrink. Japanese started eating western food in last 100 years, last 1 meter of intestine or colon is the best place for rotting food, moist, warm, wet. That is why Japanese have many colon cancer now. Japanese intestine, colon is not design to accept western food.
    If you Poop is stinks, your intestine is in mess and create toxin to develop cancer.
    I don’t know why Bra stops Lymph (drain) only, not stopping Blood??

  • Yachiyo Yuki Jan 9, 2015 @ 23:37

    All comes to Free Radical produced by all other bad elements. Body, brain tells you enemy is in your body, brain send Free Radical to kill enemies. So I think you should drink Hydrogen rich water to neutralize Free Radical (Positive charge).
    4000 years ago, Chinese King dominated entire China continent, he was so cheap, he chased a rabbit for his dinner, when he got a rabbit he and his assistant were on top of the hill where he can see entire China. Assistant said to the King, ” Sir, look this view, there are millions of Chinese people who depend on you, you don’t have time to chase small thing, think about the big picture”.
    The King agreed him. His empire was last many hundreds of years. Doctors and scientists are chasing micro staff, I think they need to see big picture like this King.

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