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Terri Duhon

Terri Duhon

As Americans grow increasingly suspicious of the Federal Reserve and the sophisticated financial instruments used by central banks – credit default swaps, for example – many have come to see derivatives as financial weapons of mass destruction. This growing public distrust is complicated further by unexplained financial jargon. I addressed this issue in my first segment with Terri Duhon, the founder of a financial consultancy called B & B Structured Finance. While I was on a recent trip to Europe, I met Terri in London to discuss her new book How the Trading Floor Really Works. Terri’s financial experience is exceptionally rare; one of the reasons I was interested in her account of the fast-paced world of the trading floor is that women do not often decide to become traders. In this segment, we delve into the world of derivatives in order to clarify why they exist, how they work, the role derivatives play in debt and equity markets, and to highlight the differences between fact and public perception. We also touch on the U.S. Treasury market, LIBOR and interest rates, and Terri’s views on the real causes of the crash. From her first interview for a job on Wall Street through her successful career as a trader and financial consultant, Terri offers a fascinating look into the complex field of risk management. Tune in for an insider’s look at the culture of finance and financial products.

Original air date: 2/25/2013

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  • Hank Heister Feb 27, 2013 @ 11:58

    Kim, this was an excellent interview… Terri was gracious as to the conduct of some/many of the transactions being done. Her description of the ‘floor’ and the ‘trading world’ was done well. Once again you bring insight and knowledge of arenas that most of us will never have access… Thank you.

  • Robert Mar 3, 2013 @ 10:40

    I strongly believe that Wall Street and his fellow brothers and sisters are the Cancer of this world. A great place to make lots of money if you belong to a small group with insider information and for the rest of the mortals a place to lose it all.
    If there is anything bad for the world economy it is places like these. The only thing they can produce is misery for all of us through their connection with governments and in fact they are the government. They make the laws. If Obama wants Gun Control it is Wall Street that wants it.
    They know they can’t create an even bigger power structure without it getting obvious for most of us.They want to rule the world and therefore they have to rule the US. They have to destroy your Constitution. Like a cancer it only wants to grow bigger and eventually kill Its host.

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