The Grand Experiment: Stopping WW3 in It’s Tracks

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Given the serious nature of what has unfolded in Gaza, and the rage, upset and frustration around the world; including, the justified concern and fear of a potential war that may not be able to be stopped; Kim has decided not to air the show that was scheduled in October on Abortion. Instead, she’s doing an emergency commentary about a worthy and urgent experiment; unlike others that have been tried in the past to change or influence a rapidly deteriorating and socially disturbing & violent situation.

Many of us feel powerless in the face of not only current events in Gaza, but also in the Ukraine. We feel pressured to have strong opinions, beliefs and to talk about who is right and who is wrong and what’s justified and what isn’t. This is the human condition. The difference between past battles and war’s is not just more weapons, but totally different kind of weapons that for most of us are unimaginable.

In modern times, we are now minutes from totally destroying civilization as we know it.

People who advocate for Peace are viewed as “passivists”, “weak” and “fringe”. Many are considered dangerous to an established order. Others of us call upon our religious tradition for help and often believe that these events are “prophetic” and therefore can’t and should not be stopped. Some believe that certain groups deserve what they get and others feel if certain groups are just destroyed that life will be better for more people. Sometimes this is true, but in other cases, it’s not true.

People take sides & the public posts Stories, pictures, audio and videos on the internet. Horror, shock, upset and rage fuel more violence. Newspapers, magazines, News Stations and Radio Stations run the horror around the clock. Ratings go up. Profits increase. Fear increases. The concentration and focus on daily life is interrupted and disturbed. The violence, talk and threat of more violence steals the attention of a concerned and upset world.

The Question is: What can the rest of us do now to impact events for the better?

Kim Greenhouse gives a talk about how we can contribute to the holistic resolution, healing and peaceful co-existence of the region right where we are.

Join us for Part 1.

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  • SYLVIANE . Oct 14, 2023 @ 16:48

    A very powerful statement for what is not a most counter intuitive common position. What I would like to add is a moral layer. If your own children are being slaughtered how could you want the same for you most virulent enemies? The solution has to come from a totally different mind set

  • Anonymous Oct 15, 2023 @ 8:46

    I read what you are talking about love Joan Lachowitz

  • George Swanson Oct 15, 2023 @ 12:41

    Many thanks Kim!—This is in line with mantra of “Creating Coherance” by group meditation to lower the mental temperature of planet earth to avoid WW3–

    Needed now more than anytime in world history -rebuilding our lives according to Natural Law–of Mind, Body (material) and Spirit–Using the fulfillment of our natural needs as guideposts to eliminating toxins for renovating our lives and environment-

    PS–I saw our old version of my interview with you is posed above–is newer one available for this spot?

  • Anne Oct 16, 2023 @ 13:13

    At the beginning of the commentary, Kim clearly states that she has no right to talk about this subject because she’s a nobody from nowhere.

    And this is precisely why everyone must open their ears and eyes to what she shares.

    I listened twice.

    It’s that impactful because Kim’s message focuses on *HOW* we can hold the vision for a “transformation” instead of getting stuck on validating the atrocities. As Kim says, we need to go beyond the “declaration of facts”. No one is denying casualties and carnage in the worst way possible. No one.

    Around the 12:45min mark, Kim shares a personal story about witnessing a super prayer event resulting in a miracle (around 12:45 min). The point of this story isn’t about the miracle or prayer as a religious ritual. It’s about being receptive to a miracle – or something that you thought could never happen. Because the unexpected can and does happen. The act of asking for the miracle … we can call it prayer, call it meditation, call it manifestation for a better world, call it whatever makes us comfortable. If it’s in your realm of possibility, it can happen.

    Thank you, Kim, for sharing.

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