The OceanGate Disaster – An Occassion for Reflection

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The OcedanGate SubmersibleIn this segment, Kim speaks with veracity about The OceanGate Expedition, its’ leadership, and what can be done to expedite innovation in a way that prevents explorers and adventure seekers from unnecessary fatalities. Unlike many controversial subjects Kim has taken on to bring light and wisdom to complex matters of the human dilemma, Kim holds nothing back about The OceanGate Expedition.

Lyn BuchananLyn Buchanan pops in from “Problems Solutions, Innovations”, a Master Controlled Remote Viewer & Teacher, who holds a classified security clearance & begins a discussion about other issues to consider when disaster happens. They delve into the chain of command structure and delicate issues governments have to deal with regarding what, when & how they know what they know and what the call is regarding sharing it with the public.

Lyn brings up some important points that Kim had not known or considered in the way of technology and how fast the Navy can know what they need to know from around the world. Together, they discuss real-world scenarios about Search and Rescue, Controlled Remote Viewing & Dowsing and how they can benefit the Search & Rescue domain.

Lyn reveals some dilemmas that even Controlled Remote Viewers have to consider and embrace in order to not get in the midst of endangering those that they view. The segment appears to go off course, but in fact, is on course with regard to Catastrophic Events & what often surrounds them.

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  • alystar McKenneh-O'Neill Aug 3, 2023 @ 11:23

    What an interesting man! And yes, I agree, the egomaniac who killed those people should have been stopped years ago!

  • Maguy Mon Coach Aug 10, 2023 @ 16:42

    We agrée that
    Authenticd Psychics and Dowsers Rote Viewers Astrologers are very Efficients to Get and Transmit needed Informations
    That ego , profits Cannot justifie all meand
    That People have Rights to théorie privacy
    That Banking has to let go of théorie Monarchic PowerSong and let Live Crowe Funding
    Thé Contrat have to be clearers
    Rand no abuse of trust of thé Professionals on none of thé fuels
    All Our Respectful condoléance fort Those Who grièvement The Victims
    Since Nuremberg it is forbidden to Treat Civilians as Guinée Pigs as A Human Crime
    Let Us pray Meditate that The Victims find théorie Way to Thé Light
    Thank You To Kim and L’âne for Excellent Informative Reportage

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