The Real Stargate: A Conversation with a Controlled Remote Viewing Master

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Lyn Buchanan

When it comes to intelligence gathering and gaining access to the real ambiance, emotional tone and the specific details of past and future events, a more profound protocol and Martial Art does not exist like Controlled Remote Viewing. The level of detail that top CRV practitioners amass is nothing short of staggering. This capability defies everything we’ve been taught about the mind, about logic, about the ability to know things and the real access the subconscious grants us. What we perceived as inaccessible is and has always been accessible. The past and the future are nothing like we perceive them to be, including events in time and space.

As a Master Controlled Remote Viewer, developer and teacher of one the most detailed and robust on-line training courses in the world, keeping the integrity of Ingo Swans legacy, (The Father of Controlled Remote Viewing), coming out of The Stanford Research Institute, known as S.I.R. and Army Intelligence, Lyn Buchanan stays the course to deliver a highly specialized and much needed application.

As the founder of Problems, Solutions, Innovations, at, Lyn joins us after 12 years to discuss a broad range of important topics about Controlled Remote Viewing as a science, a craft, a Protocol and a Breakthrough in the area of Data Collection, Intelligence Gathering, Problem Solving, Finding Missing Children and solving Law Enforcement Investigative Challenges.

While it was classified in the military level for around 25 years, the cat really is out of the bag about the fact that this capability exists and is being used and learned.

If done properly and if one trains sufficiently and consistently, with enough feedback, it can be used to forge new territory, uncover important discoveries, restore health and wellness, gather historical data at a level of accuracy that would shock most of us.

Lyn Buchanan is an elder statesman, a gentleman, and one of the top Controlled Remote Viewing Master Teachers and Marshall Artists in the world.

Kim serves up hard- hitting questions and opens up the dialogue giving our guest everything she’s got. She invites Lyn to disclose current information of great import, not only about the past programs, but about certain upcoming real- world events. Together, they cover the full spectrum of relevant updates, including very sensitive information and dilemmas in the Controlled Remote Viewing Field, that high- end professionals go through with real world applications.

Lyn shares what its like to work in a classified space and some of the frustrations in providing detailed intelligence information to the military as a Controlled Remote Viewer.

Important Nuances are revealed about what actually happens in the process of Controlled Remote Viewing. Lyn clears up individual and collective confusion about the differences in the craft between being psychic and being a Controlled Remote Viewer.

Some of the many topics they discuss are how CRV and Subliminals work, Weather, Climate & Natural Disasters, Mysteries in Antarctica, The La Palma/ Canary Islands Volcano, 2020-2050 Earth and Human challenges and of course, the ET’s. Lyn challenges Kim about how he can influence her without her knowing about it. (Don’t miss this exchange on camera).

Enjoy the show.

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  • Sandra Martin May 4, 2022 @ 15:48

    I appreciate your interview and felt like I was having a conversation with an old friend – an old friend from the past… thank you.

  • Faith Riolo May 4, 2022 @ 17:31

    Thank you, Lyn. You are absolutely amazing. I wish I knew 1/4 of what you know. May God bless you and keep you safe.


  • Lynette Briggs May 5, 2022 @ 17:55

    Is that my cousin??

  • Rebecca J Hanna-Diener May 8, 2022 @ 13:41

    Thank you Kim and Lyn for such an enjoyable conversation on this most profound topic. I found it to be not only interesting and informative but incredibly inspiring!

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