The Sacred Space of Conception, Pregnancy and The Womb.

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Laura Uplinger

Laura Uplinger

Laura Uplinger is a remarkable woman who’s been in service to women and families all over the world. As a champion for Pre and Perinatal Awareness for over 40 years and a conscious conception and pregnancy Rainmaker, she’s been doing whatever she can to nurture and infuse this space with consciousness that’s rare yet ancient, as she has given her life trying to prevent some of the most sacred and important aspects of life from devolving into stressful and traumatic experiences; including birth getting turned into a mere “medical” procedure. She brings ancient understanding and new discoveries from Epigenetics into what first appears as unknown and mysterious.

She not only dispels many of the myths surrounding conception and pregnancy, but Laura Uplinger holds and transmits important keys worthy of remembering regarding what women have endured in pregnancy and birth that isn’t well known by most of us in modern society. She shares relevant details from the recorded history and oral traditions of pregnancy and women’s experience, but also, she introduces us to important missing components of the connections between men and women.

We discuss the spiritual and energetic side of conception, including what the Vedas write about it and the force behind ejaculation, how lovemaking and having sex impacts pregnancy, what it means to accept a new being into one’s life; on what level pregnancy is actually invited; what is felt and known in the womb and what we can do to call in a brighter healthier future. This is bound to be a bit of a roller-coaster ride through many of the things people feel and think but may never say about this primal realm.

For the first time, Kim hosts the show differently and shares very personal experiences from her own life and some real dilemmas surrounding her own “unplanned” pregnancy and asks questions of Laura that usher in contemplative, colorful and robust discussion.

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