There’s No Such Thing As The News!

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Kim gives a passionate commentary that’s meant to stimulate thinking about what the news really is and isn’t and to what end “The News” transmits what is truly of import. She also invites you to get involved in what could be a totally different broadcast space. If you find this of value, please share it with everyone you know because, There really is no such thing as the news!


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  • Alystar O’Neill Sep 3, 2022 @ 23:36

    Brilliant as usual!

  • Norman J Pigeon Sep 12, 2023 @ 11:24

    Excellent reflection on how communications media are infiltrated and used to feed their listeners with controlled narratives to steer the minds in a direction of how to think and act. Not NEWS indeed! Only propaganda, subjective manipulation of words and ideas to bend the minds and hearts of unsuspecting people and program their way of seeing things and their perspective. The goal is CONTROL by the dominant powers that mind-control to arrive at a per-determined nefarious end. Life and death are being played out. We need to choose which side we are on.

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