Thomas Watson – Magnetism and Climate Change

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Thomas Watson

Thomas Watson

Research scientist Thomas Watson, the Director of Omega Motor Corporation, declares that the Newtonian concept of magnetism is incorrect, and that that we live in a magnetic rather than a gravitational field. An insightful comment he made on our segment Sea Level Basics prompted us to explore the role of magnetism in climate change. Thomas Watson is the author of A Fresh Approach to Magnetism, a book that challenges the concepts of gravity and magnetism as described by Isaac Newton and presents a groundbreaking new model of the interrelationships between the magnetic fields of the sun, the moon, and the earth. He also defines a new paradigm for understanding climate and weather in his book Climate Change: Explained By Magnetism and a new paper titled Why We Are Experiencing Global Warming. Join us as we discuss new concepts in magnetism and their implications for science education, climate science, and free energy technology.

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  • mhikl Jan 14, 2013 @ 19:27

    The only concern I have about this Rainmaking Time episode is its length. I hope you will have this enthralling guest back again and again and again. There is so much to learn from him. Strangely, what he has to say about magnetic forces beyond our common understanding just seem to fit; possibly because it merges so well with many of your other interviews on topics beyond climate issues. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces beginning to build a much bigger picture.
    Does this mean there is no gravitational force, and that the true force that keeps me from being flung from this earth is a more complex magnetic energy not taught in school or higher institutions?
    Poor old Newton is getting it from every direction at Rainmaking: Dr. Pari Spolter on Kepler and now Doctor Watson jumps into this ring of a grander science? Maybe Newt will end up being remembered for his postulations and hunt for a Bible code or for being more crazy than genius.

    • Watson Mar 9, 2013 @ 23:27

      I would like that, however there one other member who need air play too, like Dr John Melonski (Please excuse my spelling if wrong) He has generated interest in me with his work on Magnetics with water. Have you ever noticed why grass looks greener after heavy rain? This supports his work 100% for the rain when falling is also accelerating to the ground and is being charged by the magnetic field, generating from the Earth. so his topics are being ignored yet in simple fcts, it is being proven every time it rains.

      His presentation of super Light is understandable too, becasue of the immence amount of energy being emitted from our Galaxy, the Milky Way. It is this energy that is holding our solar system in its balanced state, to this direct energy relationship to Earth, for this totally effects and contribes to our change of seasons, changing the climate we are currently experencing, for we have (our Earth) entered the Negative cycle of our system that is again changing seasons, today.

      Have him back too and listen to his answers with acknowledgement and pride. I would appreciate if the Rainmakers could organize a link session with both of us. Kim can press the questions and call the shots, for she certainly has her pulse on the subject, too. After all, everthing is said to be free.

      All one has to do is to observe what is around us, identify what we observe and show how it is being accomplished. I believe this is what science is about.

      We are being persuaded by computers with incorrect knowledge being applied and becasue they are very expensive mechanisms, we are told that the results are true.

      I believe that the IPCC has a lot to answer, for there are many statements therein, that are not true.

      • Kim Greenhouse Mar 26, 2013 @ 6:56

        John Milewski has been interviewed in December of 2012 about Magnetricity, Superconductivity and Super light.

        Here’s the link to that interview:

        Also, we have done at least 30 plus segments on Climate Change if any of you are interested.

        Kind Regards,

        Kim Greenhouse

        • Thomas Watson Jun 13, 2013 @ 19:42

          “Dr John Milewaski has been interviewed in December of 2012 about Magnetricity, Superconductivity and Super light.”

          Hi Kim
          Listened to this interview today and he may be a twin to me: age I mean. Has he got Fair Hair, too?
          A fresh known fact has been confirmed now with the Earth’s orbital of the Sun, as I feel that a proof of the changed magnetic fields that is being felt by Earth is the new fact that our Moon is drifting further away from us now that before accepted. This is because of the Earth’s effectively being reacting to the Positive Magnetic field being engulfed by the Sun when it passed through the Milky Way Galaxy on the 22 December 2012. Because of this intense magnetic influence has changed two happenings here on Earth. 1-Because the Moon’s far side is a Negative magnetic emission, is being attracted away from the Earth and I feel will alter in some small way, the tidal effects to the Northern Hemisphere by not being as high as what has been acceptable in the past. and 2 – The changing back to the wisdom as accepted seasons during the winter seasons. We are currently experiencing some heavy rain conditions, receiving in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 52mm of rain over the last two days. This is happening because of the.Highs being around 1024mb allowing the clouds to be at a higher altitude and when the Low pressures systems are associated to our winter position in space, swirls this moisture pattern into a lower potential that produces the rain belt to let go and Dr. Johns comments of the changed increased involvement to Earth of the Super Light being a possible magnetic-electrical interaction, is indeed possible in my opinion, for I see where he is coming from with his brief descriptions of his Magnetite involvement.
          Kim, keep up the great work you are doing as is you co host presenter JoNova.

  • Thomas Watson Jan 24, 2013 @ 1:37

    1 mhikl January 14, 2013 at 7:27 pm
    May I thank you for your comment above. While I have studied, I have no Doctorate degree, However with due respect, I have corrected many here who have such degrees and now they are supporters of my concepts.
    What is not explained with our Moon’s oscillations is this. Why is it that science has determined that at 45 degrees latidude in both hemispheres has a gravity value of 9.80665mrters per second, per second, and that our Moon has a constant Gravitational value of 1.66m/s/s, why is there such a different tidal variation between these two latirtudes? There must be another force acting somewhere, so why has science being silent here? They are silent because Sir Issac Newton told them that it is gravity, and so everyone said. Yes! I see that happening, so it must be Gravity.
    Now what I’ve found was that the Electron has a Mass diameter as does the Nucleus of all the elements, and between these two simple factors, there is a relative constant happening and science is calling this relativity gravity which I’ve found as a ratio between each element within the Periodic Table. These values are shown in Appendix ‘A’ of my book; Climate Chnage-Explained by Magnetism? ISBN9780646477220 (2009) and is available as a CD(pdf) at $45.00AU, including p&h.
    I thank you for taking the time to make your comment.

    • mhikl Jan 29, 2013 @ 14:39

      Thank you, M. Watson for taking the time to reply to my comment. Both medical and science fields are so big on self professed expertise that they often appear to pontificate from readied scripts. We all do it with our accepted beliefs. These worthy questions you pose, M. Watson, cannot be swept under the table, but they can be ignored it seems. I assume the cornered might suggest differences in land mass to save some explanation, or face.
      What is most important from both these professions is that they constantly question their own biases; however, I have come to believe that though the thinking of people can be divided in so many ways, the important one in these regards is between those who think they know it all and those who think outside the box. For the former, don’t they find it terribly cramped there?
      I am surmising from your answer that there is gravity but that it shares an influence with some magnetic draw. I indeed have put your work in my list of important books to read.
      From the interviews on Rainmaking I have found support to many of my suspicions and many to challenge preconceived thoughts but this interview has been the one that keeps dancing in my dreams. I try to keep at least one side of my box open at all times.

      • Thomas Watson Mar 1, 2013 @ 4:42

        I’ve not allowed myself to get too technical in my answers, but this new one may be of help for you to fully understand your changed opinion for you.

        The Moon is closest to the Northern Hemisphere with an altitude of near 356,000 kms, while within the Southern Hemisphere it is around 406,750 kms. You will note here that I’m roughing this value, at it varies from cycle to cycle, (month to month), due to the fact that the Earth is experiencing a varied magnetic reaction, because of its oscillating orbit around the Sun, which is also being reacting to the Milky Way magnetic fields’
        Another new and identified fact just completes the natural cycle of many features cycling here on Earth, The Sun has FOUR separate cycles within its massive structure. Its north and South poles sectors, down to about sixty degrees latitude in both cases, revolve at about 35 Earth days. The remaining two section operate at 25 Earth days and if one is to add these together and divide by 4, it gives the average output of 30 days. And what occurs in nature of this cycle, spawning of Coral, Woman’s monthly cycle and many other cycles, most doctors are aware of.

        The Sun’s cycle has the answers for me for many other aspects, and one is the Earth’s generation of the four seasonal cycles, too..

      • Robert Mar 6, 2013 @ 7:33

        I think that when you talk with farmers who have close ties to Earth and her natural rhythms your vision of the world as a magnetic structure will not be strange to them. Just watch how rich and important the Moon Folklore is among farmers .

        We know that in the past the Earth changed magnitic poles several times. We know it is going to happen again. What could be the reasons for such an event and what would be the influence on the climate?

        • Watson Mar 6, 2013 @ 18:10

          Again Robert, you are thinking out of the box too. The changed polarities have a common link and I feel that this link is not to far distant. When the Sun is within the negative sector of the Milky Way galaxy and experiencing a very strong Negative field, which, in my reconning is about to shift, and possibility this may happen within the next 180 odd years, will be an adventure to experience.
          About 120,000 years ago there was a change happening, but I have no personal knowledge of any physical happening other than the sudden drifting change of the CO2 following the Earths fall in temperature, by this factor of time. Also, at this point of time there, the CO2 rose to about 300ppmv;we are not that far away from this number, now, and was found to be cyclic cycle over the past 450,000years of data from the Vostok Ice Core research tubes which were cut from the Northern Hemisphere, ice sheets.

          Yes, some farmers in Austrlaia are asking this question too, as in last night’s ABC24 News, showed that their seasonal cycle data did not agree with the seasonal changes made by CSIRO Australia, as their records showed over the last 100 years were different. The CSIRO weather division in Queensland will be looking at the data presented and will review where their records contridict to this farmers records. This is physical and must be applauded, for, if published, they will undermine what has been previously stated by the CSIRO Australia.

  • Thomas Watson Jan 29, 2013 @ 15:29

    3 mhikl
    I again appreciate you thoughts and I would like to expand on another mith of science, and request your learnard comment of support or denial.

    Science accepts that at 45 degrees latitude in both hemispheres of Earth, the gravitational value is 9.80665meters per second per second. (m/s/s)

    The Moon has been given a constant gravitational value of 1.66m/s/s.

    As there is an equal amount of gravitational interchange between these tow forces that determine the differences in the tidal effects here on Earth, my question to you is this.

    Why are the tidal changes within the Northern Hemisphere at 45 degrees are 15 meters, while only about 2meters within the Southern Hemisphere?

    My answere here is this:
    Becaue the Moon has a face, facing constantly towards the Earth is a Positivcve Magnetic emission, and as science accepts that a positive and a negative magnetic field attract, initiates the Moon’s clossest orbital pattern to Earth always in the Northern Hemisphere (Also is always seen as a Full Moon too) and this effect pushes the free ocean waters away causing the low and high tidal effects, twicew a day, as the Earth rotates beneith the still facing Positive facing Moon.

    When the Moon is at its highest altitude orbital position, is always within the Southern Hemisphere and this is caused by the Positive Face of the Moon opposing the Positive magnetic emissions from the Southern Hemisphere, pushing the Moon to a higher altitude. It is this magnetic effect reactions that gives the Moon its oscillating orbital patetrn being pushed away from each magnetic pole of Earth.

    • mhikl Feb 11, 2013 @ 14:35

      I have learned an awful lot about the moon from you, M Watson, and from searches, not to confront you but to further expand my understanding. Meditation and visualisation also help.
      Conventional explanations for the lower tides in the South is the lack of landmass- one wrong grade school lesson I do remember), though Derby, West Australia has some commendable tides.
      • Meditating on this common explanation gives me a sense of unease. If convention were correct, then regardless the landmass values, (there is still landmass), and since all the greater volume of southern water would be affected, wouldn’t such generate the energy to give similar heights as the north? Is this a fair question (non?, oui?) Yours, with like-charge taken into consideration sounds the better explanation for the lower tides in the southern hemisphere. (I hope I am explaining my pondering correctly.) I really need to get this right when I explain it to my friends and students.
      • I finally found a site that gives me a visual image of the movement of the earth and moon around the sun and the moon around the earth. Indeed, it even shows both elliptical (the moon to the earth and the earth to the sun) paths yet the distance of the earth from the sun is indicated as one standard ‘average’ semimajor AU. So there are 2 extreme distances, averaged – being elliptical?
      What are the powers of this shift of the moon both back and forth between the two Tropic lines (and a bit beyond)?
      •1 and (which I think I understand) southern position moon forced further away from the earth and the northern position drawn closer to the earth (elliptical) (same charge repulsion in the South- opposite charge attraction in the North)?
      •2 The moon repelled in the South allows the pull from the North to draw it back and then is gently catapulted back to the South in an ongoing elliptical trip – the oscillation you pointed out. I have to meditate on the images to make sense of them.
      Regarding the Charge of the Earth
      I have read: If one wants to structure the water in one’s body, then going bare foot a negatively charged earth is supposed to assist in this; and that leaving a pot of water out doors on the ground over night will structure the water negatively (in a good way). Any thoughts. But if the southern hemisphere is positively charged, does’t the idea go kaput?
      Atmospheric Ions: Negative Ions (the good) vs Positive Ions (the ugly)
      • I sort of understand negative and positive ions as I am dreadfully influenced by the Chinook (foehn winds) which we get in all seasons. (I had no such problems living in Sarawak near the equator- always in bliss.) I run a negative ioniser at all times at home and at work. The winds bring the positive ions down to the ground when they blow, so there should be negative ions at ground level when there are no inversions or Chinooks. What about in the South with its positive charge; It must still be the same charge as the north re ions in the air, however? I’m trying to understand the charge of the earth, especially now that I am learning that the negatively charged north attracts and the positively charged South repels the positive face side of the moon.
      I questioned all these as I wondered if the earth is not actually negatively charged in the North and positively charged in the South- not equally negative charged from Canada to Australia. But this I am not sure of.
      And how do Australians stop the blood from running to their heads? 🙂
      From the way you explain things, I am definitely going to get your book.

  • Thomas Watson Feb 11, 2013 @ 13:50

    3 mhikl
    Yes!, your concerns are to me, very relevant, for science need to have a real look at what is actually happening around them. The CArbon Dioxide (CO2) molecule for instance is a very heavy gas, with an atomic weight of 44 (14+12+12) and becasue of this, How on Earth can this gas rise up into the clouds and hold down the heat being reflected from Earth plus the effects of the natural emissions of the Earth’s heat energy? It is impossible.

    The averaged atmosphere has about 29, hence another question of science to be answered.

    Why has not public science speakers up in arms about the Fire Department using CO2 (Dry ICe) to put out fires if they are now aware of its heavy characteristics? and have you seen that this CO2 is sold in an open vat? This is becasue it will not rise and float away. Ir will naturally rise up to a stagering height of 3.54 feet.

    It is time to reflect what the world is doing to itself and return to a fact finding program with many Millions of Dollars necessary to correct the wrongs that have been portrayes to the world.

    A question I often ask those who think otherwise is. Have you ever seen dead trees along a Highway, caused by CO2 emissions from cars? Have you ever seen a dead lawn caused by CO2? Have you ever seen Green trees in the ALPS? and questions like this provoke an answer that has not been expressed by science folk.
    Finally, I do feel it is time for those who have a deep concern for the worlds future to realize, by keeping silent, is playinf into the hands of the IPCC and their associated avenues of support and I invite you to express your thoughts around the countryside if you have sincere thoughs about the topics that has been expressed here, for they are true and can be substantiated.

    If there are spelling errors, my touch typing skills are against me today. Must go.

    Bye for now,

    To me, the whole sequence of these stated so called facts are MONEY orintated to con the worldd that we are in trouble.

    • Watson Mar 6, 2013 @ 17:28

      Sorry for your acceptance to this false statement made by me on the 11 February 2013 at 1.50pm was incorrect, should have been: “The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) molecule for instance is a very heavy gas, with an atomic weight of 44 (12+16+16) and because of this, ” It told me that I did not check my first typed images.

    • Alex Zoum Oct 16, 2015 @ 23:59

      Ozone is heavier than CO2 and most of it is in the stratosphere. This makes me believe that the molecular weight of gases has little to do with their location in the atmosphere.

      Plants use CO2 in the process of photosynthesis. It seems ridiculous to ask if anyone has seen dead trees caused by co2 emissions.

  • Robert Feb 26, 2013 @ 3:45


    If you like people who think outside the box like Thomas Watson I’m sure James McCanney
    is also a person to listen to .

    It is logical that ‘Climate Science’ has problems with its models trying to explain Future Global Warming using co2. Their predictions fail all the time and they can’t even calculate the climate we had in the past. That’s why they massively have to alter the temperature records .

    It is like you say Mr Watson. It has noting to do with Climate. It is all about money, contol, power by creating fear.
    We are now in the End Game at the Crossroad between We The People and We the Slaves. Like Ronald Reagan once said America is the last stand on Earth , if you lose freedom in America there is no place to escape to. And now they come for your guns.

    • Thomas Watson Feb 26, 2013 @ 15:29

      Hi Robert
      Thank you for your trust in accepting what has been proven to me.

      Climate is indeed natural and has been since time began, for the Earth to formulate its present land masses, science has to rethink many phases of what has been scientifically accepted and adjust to what is the reality of life.

      We are almost at the point of no return as being the people we once were, and technology has gone in two directions. One finds out what is true in the world and tell the people, and the other, finds out how to make the money go further by will not tell the people.

      Re; a question made by 3 mhili. may I take the time to explain an omission to a question I overlooked to answer, re the emissions from both magnetic poles.

      All matter has a similar polarity emission, weather it be solid or liquid, for the common ground between all of matter is within the atom. Within the atom from the Hydrogen to the very heavy elements/atoms, there is a common element of structure with Electrons, Neutrons and Protons. You may be also aware of Quarks and many other smaller elements that make up the atom structure. Well all of these collectively put out a magnetic field flux and they all combine to produce either a positive or negative field.

      Depending on the element naturally being clustered together, they produce a magnetic field that will be either a negative or a positive magnetic field, and it is this mutual attraction between each atom that has a mutual attraction to each other, they combine to make up a potentially, magnetic field. This is likened to observing a magnetic field from permanent Magnet where the material is common to the entire magnet forma, or if you like, shape, and when all of the atomic elements have combined to make up this permanent magnet, they are continuously putting out there respective energy fields and when they unite within the boundaries of the outer space of their environment, they combine to make either a positive or negative field. The point I’m trying to portray here is that the poles are putting out this magnetic field and they are collectively attracting to each other and when they meet near the mid portion, they then tend to push each other which increases the density, or if you like, the Gauss value is increased, near the central portion of the permanent magnet. Its potential difference is near equal, but the internal magnetic pressure of the magnetic fields has increased by nearly a ratio of two to one. It is this understanding that shows the answers to the presentation that has already been outlined before hand in showing the Moon’s oscillating feature.

      Re the glass of water, It will be the same at both hemispheres. and at times. the blood does run to the head when the environment is scheduled to be, controversial.
      Hope this helps.

    • mhikl Feb 27, 2013 @ 17:42

      Thanks Robert,
      The man certainly keeps his site like I keep my car. Took a while, but was able to figure it out and will be giving him a spin. Lierre Keith and her Youtube interview “The Vegetarian Myth” was an interesting PeakMoment interview, though it took to about 17:50 to really take off in its view of our soils and how they can be turned round. Fascinating at that point.

  • Robert Feb 27, 2013 @ 16:26

    Mr Watson

    Watching ancient buildings like the pyramids I strongly believe that the use of magnetic fields must have had an important part in their construction. Moving big blocks of stone is one thing but joining them with the precision these people did would be nearly impossible today.It is believed the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in only 20 year installing approximately 800 tonnes of stone every day or since it consists of an estimated 2.3 million blocks, moving an average of more than 12 of the blocks into place each hour, day and night. If you talk about the people we once were I suppose this is what you mean.You think that all this knowledge has been lost in the past or is kept secret for the public ?

    I believe you have some rain Down Under.

    • Thomas Watson Feb 27, 2013 @ 18:47

      HI Robert

      Yes! the clouds are indeed forming all the Australian continent/Island, as even today, there are may heavy Cumulus clouds at about 6,000 feet wanting to come lower, but they are being held up there by the, what I call, Winter Highs 1020’s mb. and they are pushing the Highs lower to the South, causing the lows of the North to follow the lowering pressure systems to say, Hey, i.m being sucked to a lower latitude, hence the northern portion of Australia is getting repeated heavy rain. The state of Queensland has had a repeat performance of flooding within three months, and it looks as though it will continue on for some time yet.

      I also note with interest that the climate up North in the UK zone is experiencing some extreme cool weather also, and though I have not made a personal study here, it would be interesting to use data from the Bureau to check on the Barometric pressure periods since 1998, for down here, we have shifted by 150 days and slowly drifting back to the periods prior to 1967 or there about.

      Have a visitor so cheeks for now and keep in touch..

    • Thomas Watson Feb 27, 2013 @ 23:27

      HI Robert,

      Following below since my visitor, I was thinking about the Great Pyramid, and Yes again, I feel that these buildings are much older that the 5,000 odd year period, and they had the technology of atomic structures, and were possible from an out of the world site.
      The stones you speak of must have had a high technical ability to create the accurate face, nothing like what we are endeavoring to do with Laza technology, except that they had the ability to use a better technology and applying it to cut the granite and Lime stone, so accurate that a blade cannot be slid between these massive stones, especially with the ability to lift them to such accuracy and height above the working place.
      The ability here is as I’ve spoken before, Magnetic technology, for as I’ve established in my early experiment with the TW5, the ability to make a devise that lost weight, and this loss of weight was because the mechanism was reacting to the Earth’s magnetic field, that in turn developed my first book in 2003.
      Well this time, it is my wife calling me for tea, so please keep in touch as I feel secure with your interest, and of course the others, too..

  • Robert Mar 1, 2013 @ 9:33

    Mr Watson

    Thanks for your response and greeting to your wife. I’m am sure that next to a great man like you must stand an even more important person to support such a man.There can be no Yin without a Yang .
    You feel that these buildings are much older than they tell us and your words made me remember a youtube video I saw some time ago where they explain that the Sphinx must be much older than most people think.

    The Mystery Of The Sphinx

    The Sphinx and Ancient Egypt Host: George Noory Guests: John Anthony West



  • ggnyc Mar 17, 2013 @ 23:17

    Mr. Watson I think you will find the following information very interesting. See David Lapoint’s three videos entitled Primer Fields Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. They present a new theory of magnetism that might provide support to your views. He has lots of very interesting research on Plasma fields.

    Kim you might be interested in interviewing this fellow as well.

    • Thomas Watson Mar 28, 2013 @ 2:56

      Hi ggnyc
      I am aware of Plasma energy as I’ve read the book on Ether-technology, a Rational Approach to Gravity Control andby Rho Sigma, who dwels into this subject.
      It is my belief that the two are parallel to each other and feel that they are both looking at the real driver of the magnetic emissions from the atom structure, the electromagnetic energy that drives the internal energy of the Electron on its everending journey, for it knows not of death.
      As you will be aware, there are two or even more little specks of energy within the Electron, like Quarks, and inside the Quartk are Pulsons. This to me is the think side of humanity that germinates the power to think and reason. So you have to ask another question. Who has inbuilt this Pulson to do the work that it does within the Quark? and How is this happening? So the end results are that we are trying to find how life lives, and all the time, life is within our own spirit which leaves us at death, in a bluish hugh, and I feel that it is the Pulsons that control this process. Tme will perhaps solve this as being true.
      Thank you for the references, I will look at them in the next few weeks.
      I’m deeply involved with a video documentary of my history which is 90% complete.
      It covers aspects of how our Sun’s magnetic emissions affects the Earth’s position in space which then controlls, seasons and temperature.

    • Thomas Watson Apr 18, 2013 @ 3:54

      Thank you too ggnyc, Will follow up on the three David Lapoints referred addresses.

      And thank you Kim for the referred advise re: the above notes.
      I’ve completed two further experiments that show that there are four magnetic varieties that combine to make up a bar magnet. Yes! I’m quietly excited.

  • David Apr 17, 2013 @ 14:36

    Fascinating talk and I agree with you Kim that we are monitored even Rudolf Steiner touched upon this. Also Thomas’ theory about each pole of the magnet producing their own magnetic field is very similar to Ed Leedskalnin’s unipole magnet theory. Thank you Thomas for following your conviction. The earth expanding is called the pangaea theory.

    • Thomas Watson Apr 18, 2013 @ 3:48

      Will follow up, Thank you for your thoughts. I was not aware of the Pangaea theory.

  • mhikl Jul 3, 2013 @ 23:29

    Kim, I hope you will interview Thomas Watson again. I just cannot get his discussion out of my thoughts. I must have listened to your interview with him six or more times. One big question: I should like to hear his understanding on the relationship between magnetism and gravity which also seems to relate to the energy Mr Paladino discusses and references Tesla. (Tesla Applications For Healing. 2013 July 1) Or are they all, one-in-the-same? As well, what happens to the position of the moon when the poles shift and the South Pole then has a negative charge? Do the highest tides then arise in the Southern Hemisphere? Do the charges of the poles, the face and backside of the moon, switch?

    Namaste and care to all sentient beings across our ever-being, not expanding, conscious universe.

    • Thomas Watson Jul 4, 2013 @ 17:31

      Hi mhiki
      You have posed a question that in many generations, we will not see the results of a changed magnetic polarities of Earth. You are correct to suggest that the oceans will swing south, but the Moon will stabilize and still be there with its face, still looking at us, and IF the switch ever occurs there will be many countries in the southern hemisphere that will go under water, However on the scientific side, I feel that this will never happen, because the Earth has slowed down its expansion rate.

      The switches that have been identified from geological research demonstrated that these magnetic switches occurred when the Earth was growing. Please observe the many layers of strata that makes up the mantle of Earth. They show that there was indeed much volcanic activity happening throughout the development of the Earth as we see it today, and I feel now, and as before mentioned the Earth was growing relatively fast in geological time frame, so once again, I feel that this will never happen while there is human live on its current surface.

      Re your question of the relationship between magnetism and Gravity, may I say that the term Gravity is the understanding that science has in their observation of the attractive force. I found it to be a ratio between the Electron to its Nucleus Mass diameters. It is this understanding that determines why paper sits on your desk, is because within the paper, there are atoms of wood pulp and the like, and within each atom, there are active electrons who know nothing about death, and because they are alive, are generating an electromagnetic field that is reactive to the greater magnetic field of Earth and it is this combined magnetic interaction that holds and attracts the paper to your desk. I hope this little simile helps you to understand that Gravity is not a PULL DOWN FORCE it is the mutual attractive force and that is why I have driven myself to this point of time to correct science to accept this and hopefully, some out there will see that Carbon Dioxide has had no influence to changing our seasons. It is the Sun that controls our seasons and that is another subject.

      May i take this opportunity to point out that NASA-USA has confirmed that our Earth during March of 2013, passed through a magnetic buffer point of our solar system, some 11 Million Miles and found that the magnetic field became slow and that the magnetic field intensity, doubled. This confirms my experiments here in Geelong in 2003, when applied to permanent Magnets.

      Kim, can you review the NASA site and create a problem for the electric motor manufacturers for it changes the whole concept of electrical engineering.
      I have again achieved another break-though with this confirmation

  • Seth Rutledge Sep 15, 2013 @ 0:10

    Where can I get a copy of your book “A Fresh Approach to Magnetism”? It is not available at amazon or any of the other book sites, and the only library that has it in the US is the Library of Congress so I can’t ILL it.

    I would really love to check it out because your interview and comments here are not enough to get a real deep understanding of all the issues that you are bringing up.

    • Thomas Watson Sep 15, 2013 @ 17:03

      HI Seth
      My original book: A fresh Approach to Magnetism (2006), priced at $35.00AU includes postage and handling,

      With added features incorporated, my second book: ‘Climate Change – Explained by Magnetism?’ ISBN9780646477220 [2009].($74.00AU) A4-192p inc. p & h with colour graphic support diagrams and pictures showing detailed variations of the accepted understanding of Gravity being a Magnetic ratio stemming from the atomic level, is also available as a CD(pdf) at $45.00AU, p & h including with a Power Point update feature. (2012),.
      Address all correspondence to::
      Thomas T S Watson
      32 Kinlock Street
      Bell Post Hill
      Australia 3215
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      Thanking you for your inquiry.

      • Lucy Oldfield Sep 8, 2014 @ 16:41

        I am just about to start an MSc Climate Change course, and I was thrilled to hear what you had to say on magnetism. I would therefore dearly love to buy a copy of your book and CD of “Climate change – explained by magnetism”. Is it still priced at $74AU and $45AU respectively? If so how do I go about buying your book? I came across your talk on the rainmaking time website. I have to admit that I have already been fearing a polar switch, as the consequences could be dire, but we have no control of them.

  • Thomas T S Watson Aug 22, 2019 @ 21:58

    Hi Kim,
    I just became aware of your the talk back promotion in 2013. It still sounds great and thank-you once again for your intelligent over view.
    I won an in-creditable disease that paralized my whole body in 2014 and threw me into a wheel chair for six-months and I am gradually working myself to be normal in five years time. I’m getting better and with a walker, I get around OK. My fingers are getting better over the last few months so in time I will become normal again. As you will find out, I’m now in a rest home.
    This letter I’ve put together below you can show off at your pleasure.
    What is Gravity?

    “What is gravity, well the first thought that comes to mind is watching things fall down towards Earth. Gravity is so common, it is like the air that we feel and see the results of strong wind activity and accept the functions that the air delivers.
    Galileo in 1638 decided to check on the effects of Gravity when dropping one iron ball and a wooden ball with the same diameter and watched them fall from the Tower of Pisa. They both hit the ground surface at the same moment of time.
    Watson has found the cause why this is happening with a magnetic field being the cause of why the two balls fell at the same time. He has shown that it is the ratio between the electron to its nucleus that determines the mass as well as the mutual attraction between the objects to the Earth’s magnetic field. It is these inter-magnetic fields that we are calling Gravity. It is the reactive magnetics being attractive to each other and with the same internal magnetic interaction being having the same value no matter if the internal structure is said to be magnetic or non-magnetic.
    This local Geelong scientist has proved that Climate Is Natural after watching why the central portion of a Permanent Magnet Force, (PMF), which was highly dominates the attraction of a rolling permanent magnet, did not go to the poles which was expected, but to the mid portion of the magnetic field being tested, as a generation of the outgoing PMF from each Pole face.
    Within the composite PMF as International Journal of Research –GRANTHAALAYAH, Figure 1: (060406-900 04A), showing the increased Gauss Readings within the central portion of this composite Permanent Magnet shows that the Gauss values are almost twice that of the level of the magnetic pole. Why is this happening?
    When the magnetic pole output is turning to the opposing pole, it proves that the force therein gives the answer for the square rule on Gravity, Meters per second, per second, and shows why all atoms behave from every one hundred and three elements of nature will have an accumulative attractive force between them that accumulates the PMF pressure that is in book Climate Change – Explained by Magnetism and is known as watsongravity (gw). This value is the mass of matter.
    This new concept thought came to him after he theorized and found a connection after viewing an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), in 1981 at Ballarat, Victoria. Later in 2000, he decided to find out how many common facts there were in the silent UFO’s flight that can be applied to the associated science and found that it could be assimilated to his new findings to Climate Change (CC).
    There had to be another reason for its silent flight pattern, and felt that magnetism convinced him that it had to be, just that. When his refreshing magnetic understanding became clear, he applied his theory. He found that there was a higher gauss value (magnetic pressure value) in the mid-section of all magnetic polarities and this showed him why Climate Change is happening and is natural.
    In 2001, he began to look at the atomic magnetic structures and later found a ratio in the atomic structure that coincided with the accepted Gravity values when divided by 1,000,000 units. After a further two years of researching, the formula he found determined the connection ratio between the Electron’s mass/diameters to its Nucleus, and all elements having a ratio of nominally Nine point Eight (9.8) meters per second per second (m/s/s). After tabulating the 103 Periodic Atomic table numbers of elements, he linked these together and detailed in his first Book: A Fresh Approach to Magnetism (2003).
    Watson states that, Climate is what we expect and the weather is what we experience, and as our climate cycle, varies in the Barometric Pressure (BP) and showed up to be advancing by almost sixty (60) Earth days, he found this fact after graphing the BP values over Australia, continent from 2001 to the present time.
    The magnetic flow from our Sun to our Earth’s Magnetosphere, is where he identified this weather change and was directly associated to the BP variations that has advanced since 2001 to 22ndDecember 2016 by 60 days, and that this change was directly associated to the weather change. He claims that it is these pressure systems and the differences that have changed CC, not Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
    His book’s identifies these features up to the time of print and he offer’s the reader to check out what he is claiming is indeed, true. In 2009 he reviewed his first book and changed its title to: Climate Change – Explained by Magnetism? And when NASA (USA) showed interest in 2010, they prepared their experimentation of this concept. Since recorded on television on the 1st June 2017, NASA is planning an experiment to send a research satellite to the Sun to record the magnetic concentration of the Sun’s magnetosphere.
    In 2012, Worldwide Who’s Who; (USA) introduced Watson, as the Scientist of the year.
    In 2013, the Deakin University – Geelong Campus looked at his presentation and later introduced him to the Warn Ponds Campus of which a project determines this progress. This project came to a halt on the 9th March 2014 because of an illness to Watson and he was forced into a wheel chair.
    The following seven questions with his answer statement show that Climate is indeed, natural.
    Question 1 Is climate changing (CC)?
    Answer: Yes.
    Question 2 At what rate is Climate Change (CC), changing?
    Answer: The average CC has changed by sixty Earth days.

    Question 3 How is this CC, changing?
    Answer: Since 22 December 2012, our Sun completed its 120,000 year cycle, known as its “Processional Cycle” and when this cycle, again began and noted that a change in the internal magnetic energy from positive to negative magnetic polarity. As this change happened outside our Earth’s magnetosphere, since 2001, to correct this, a natural balance, changed the CC. The actual change reaction directly affected our Earth’s “Barometric Values” and it is these magnetic interactions that are changing our weather pattern, not as claimed by many science fellows. Since August 2015 to August 2018 this cycle appears to have stabilized and shows in 2919 the zones are in fact very similar.
    A fact about Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has an Atomic Weight (AW) of 44, and the earth’s atmosphere has an AW average of 29, CO2 has no chance of rising to cloud levels, unless it has been discharged by volcanic emissions. You do not see forests at snow levels, because there is no CO2 to feed it.

    Question 4 If, as scientists claim, that CO2 changes our climate, how did they conclude their thought?
    Answer: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) took the rise of the human population since 1880’s, and assimilated this rise with the rise of CO2 records from the Hawaiian research station on Mount Mauna Loa, 4,169 Meters, and this is one of seven other volcanoes surrounding the I CO2sland of Hawaii, where just one is within 35 miles, Mount Kilauea that emits 3,000 to 8,000 tonnes of CO2, each day. This accounts for a ratio of between 300 to 500 times that CO2 of the total human production per day.
    Question 5 Where science has gone wrong?
    Answer: Because electrical and mechanical engineer’s accept the common rule that the Magnetic Field Flow (MFF), flows from the North Pole to the South Pole, for all magnetic polarities, Watson proved that this theory is wrong, it flows from each pole face. Because of this new understanding of the magnetic flow, he concluded that all references to our climate and other scientific theories must now be corrected to make all mathematical calculations true to what is actually happening. His books show this solution in minute detail.

    Question 6 Has his name been peer reviewed?
    Answer: Yes, with his last Journal Paper by “Pyrex Journal of Geology and Mining Research”, dated and accepted on the 17 March 2016 titled “Climate Change is Natural” by Thomas T S Watson has received over 8,950 (2015) emails have been recorded and his current position is unable to return each member who has sent their respective replies to this subject, and he appreciates your comments. He has not the office space to answer everyone, however the my new approach of appears to have a strong fact emerging showing, that the tilt of the Earth is changing, perhaps towards the 22.5 degrees to begin its new cycle of 120,000 year.

    Question 7 The following references showing that questions are not being answered correctly, because they are not considering that the base cause is the emission of the magnetic origin from every element of nature is from the element source!
    Answer: A Climate Change ISBN978-1-4423-3105-3 by Stella Jackson.
    B Environmental Disasters ISBN 3-74070-100-3 by John and Jennifer Barwick.
    C The Big Picture Book of Environments ISBN 978-74175-460-5 by John Long.
    D Australia’s Green House Gas emissions ISBN 978-1-4202-8239-9 by Geoff Thompson.
    E Every book referenced above A – D shows Water Vapour (H2O) coming from Cooling Towers, and this is being interpreted as CO2 by the public and many other mistaken facts.

    He states that CO2 is colourless, odourless and is not a dangerous molecule to humans. It was recorded by the, Vostock Ice Core exercise showing CO2 as having 400 parts per million by volume within the last four-times, during the last 450,000 year cycle.

    Looking at Barometric Pressure (BP) results over Australia during the summer seasons, you would have observed many low pressure Highs: 1014 – 1020mg’s and these highs were winter Highs, allowing the heat waves, BP, to enter without any air pressure resistance to retard its presence. It is these reactions that are changing CC. During our last winter cycle (2018), we observed pressure Highs as 1027 to 1031mg’s recorded over the Australian continent, to 1stSeptember 2018. As you can see CO2 has had no influence to change these High’s and Low’s that have not been stated as the base cause for changing our climate.
    Try this for example:
    Thomas T S Watson
    ph: 0425737370
    Late of: 32 Kinlock Street
    Bell Post Hill 3215
    Now at: Costa House.
    Lara Lake 6A
    Lara 3212

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