Tom Paladino – Tesla Applications For Healing

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Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino

Nikola Tesla, the progenitor of radiant energy research, sought to tap into the rarefied pulse of a primal energy existing everywhere in the universe. Although Tesla’s intention was to make free energy available to mankind, his discoveries appear to have healing value as well. After 25 years of research, Tom Paladino appears to have effectively harnessed radiant energy – also known as prana, qi, zero point energy, orgone, or scalar energy – for the remote healing of pathogenic disease. He is the pioneer of the pathogenic cleanse, a technique that causes bacteria, pathogens, and viruses to disassemble or fall apart. Even diseases previously thought incurable, such as herpes, Lyme disease, and HIV/AIDS have diminished or disappeared altogether under scalar wave light treatment. Scalar energy has useful applications in nutrient therapy as well, able to assemble vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fatty acids inside the cells. Additionally, it can be used to balance and harmonize the chakras (endocrine system). In the shadow of looming disease epidemics, both congenital and communicable, scalar wave light treatment stands to revolutionize the way medicine is practiced today. Join us with remote scalar energy healer Tom Paladino and discover a new paradigm in healing.

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  • Leesa Lui Jul 3, 2013 @ 18:48

    Hello I am interested in a remote session. Thank you.

  • mhikl Jul 3, 2013 @ 23:15

    Understanding the powers that run our ever-being universe are a far grander study than is given credit by peer-reviewed science, as so many of your interviews have shown. The guidance gained Mr Paladino gained from two figures from the Christian and Islamic religions, Jesus and Mary, suggests there is so much more we can gain in our quest for knowledge. Perhaps Mr Paladino could broaden his communications with other guides such as Abraham, Mohamed, the Buddha, Zoroaster, just to mention a few. Then his and our understanding of the energies of our ever-being universe will become even more clear.

    I regularly suggest to friends and acquaintances who show any inclination to thinking outside-the-box of conventional thinking to spend time on the many intriguing interviews relating to this sphere of enquiry you have pursued in Rainmaking. I am surprised Mr Hutchinson’s name did not come up in discussion. Again, opening up one’s willingness to as many possibilities outside our own habituations from this life may be the path to greater understanding of our journeys through our incarnations.

    Namaste and care to all sentient beings across our ever-being, not expanding, conscious universe.

    • Absurdicuss Jan 21, 2015 @ 18:45

      Neither Jesus nor Mary originated in Islam. Muslims do not believe in the resurrection of Christ.

  • Jude Jul 6, 2013 @ 22:19

    After listening to the interview at It’s Rainmaking Time,I would like to clarify furthur the definition of scalar energy. Would it be correct to define it as the medium by which intention is transferred into matter?

  • jb Jul 14, 2013 @ 10:53

    Hi Kim
    you have a great show. Awesome interviewing skills, unlike most.
    Ok I’ve heard of Scalar energy before , but did not know what it was……
    If this stuff does what this guy is claiming then wow , could change life as we know it.

  • carol Jul 23, 2015 @ 12:01

    Hi Iam interested in remote sessions

    • Teddy Combo Jul 24, 2021 @ 4:23

      I believe it’s the same energy used by shamanic healing…
      tribal doctors (wirrinun/wirrigun) in my tribe suck lumps of charcoal/carbon from the patient after the breakdown of the disease sometimes other things would be sucked out from the patient as well…
      There’s another fella in Europe doing basically samething only difference is he’d use a tablet with information written into a sugar tablet he had much success his full name escapes me Alfons von/van??
      He called it killing the the disease and it’s spirit…differing methods to obtain the same healing force/source…
      Wish I’d discovered this show years ago…
      Thanks Kim !!

  • Dot Schaefer Feb 4, 2016 @ 7:56

    You might be interested in this fellow, too — if you do shows on UFOs etc.
    he is a minister who is trying to tell people the real messages in scriptures…and share his experiences with aliens. He’s written several books etc. a nice, fun guy.

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