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Tommy James

Tommy James

Music is a language of love, healing, togetherness, and expansiveness. Good music is never dated but lives on for all of us to enjoy. The wisdom and experience of those who have journeyed before us is very important. It’s time for the music to play with Tommy James on It’s Rainmaking Time!®

Tommy James is a legendary musician, singer, and producer who has sold over 100 million records. Dick Clark once said that “his music is part of the soundtrack of our lives”. Dolly Parton loves him and is swept away by Crimson & Clover. Courteney Cox may have danced with Springsteen but “can’t forget Tommy James”.

Very few musicians have ever achieved this kind of success in music history. Success is measured in different ways by different people; few people consider the real price of success. What is gained and lost? What happens to people when they “arrive”?

As we pierce the veil of Tommy James’ successful music career, we find revelations of the heart and spirit. With hits like Crystal Blue Persuasion, Mony Mony, Crimson & Clover, and many more, Tommy James was not only destined to become a successful singer and songwriter, but to journey into addiction, politics, religion, commercial bondage, and eventually to fall in love with liberation, life, and God.

If $40 million of your earnings were stolen, you had to walk on eggshells around a domineering crime boss who owned you and your record label, and you had to wait until they died to share your story, what do you do? You write your book. Join us as Tommy James shares his story: Me, The Mob and The Music.

Original air date: 8/14/2014

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  • Maggie Heinze Aug 14, 2013 @ 17:14

    One – Hundred – Million: Jeez Lou-eez, Tommy James. And incorporating sweet life affirming ARTS into It’s Rainmaking Time’s milieu is such an expansive treasure. !!Thank You Rainmakers!!
    This Is A Conversation To Witness.
    With Fond & Wild Enthusiasm,
    Maggie Margaret, NYC

  • Albert Velarde Aug 28, 2013 @ 17:27

    Back in the late sixties and early seventies in the years of my youth! listening to Tommy James music on the radio and at one time I do believe I saw him perform on the Ed Sullivan Show was like making me want to be a hippy,grow my hair long, buy bell bottom pant’s and wear flower power shirts with some cool granny glasses square frame shades and a psychedelic head band! I still have two original 45 RPM song’s produced by Tommy James! 1970 Tighter and Tighter and 1971 Dragging. Crimson and Clover and Crystal Blue Persuasion are still some of my favorites from back in the day!

    • Busta Speeker Jul 19, 2014 @ 13:45

      “Draggin’ the Line” was GREAT piece of pop fluff. Most of the best pop back then had depth, substance and meaning. I loved “Crystal Blue…” too. Soundtrack of MY formative years, indeed. And I am really glad this story is finally coming to light. Most stoodio/musical types heard the rumors, and quietly surmised among themselves. Of course, the outing of the Hendrix thing with his post- Chas Chandler (mebbe before, who knows) management opened up a bunch of eyes, as well the tell-all floodgates.

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