Transforming Your Health – Nasal Breathing with Patrick McKeown

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Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown, the author of The Oxygen Advantage, Close Your Mouth, Atomic Focus, Buteyko Meets Dr. Mu; a Ted Talk Speaker, Founder & Host of The Oxygen Advantage Podcast, is one of the most renowned and beloved Breathing Teachers & Coaches in the world, trained in one of the great pioneering breathing methods, The Buteyko Method.

The Buteyko Breathing method is a clinically-proven, natural, safe and effective breath retraining program that is said to control stress and anxiety, asthma, sleep apnea and even enhance your athletic performance. Patrick has worked closely to train Special Forces and Elite Athletes, who have huge stakes in performing successfully.

He joins us to clarify why most of us are unaware of the scientific body of knowledge that nose breathing can transform many conditions that entire populations suffer from, such as ADHD, Respiratory issues, Sleep Apnea, Lack of concentration, fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

All disease states are intimately and powerfully impacted by not only how we breathe but how fast or slowly we breathe and whether or not our breathing happens through our nose. Even the structure of our face is formed by how we breathe. Most of us have never learned this scientific body of data.

  • Did you know that your well-being has a direct relationship with how much nitric oxide you produce and how you exchange and utilize CO2?
  • How many of us have had ear, nose and throat surgery but never learned how to breathe after these procedures?
  • How many of us suffer from asthma but never learned how we could not only diminish it but possibly put an end to it?
  • How many of us suffer from anxiety in this fast-changing, stressful world and never learned how to properly breathe to remedy our discomfort?

With so much conflicting information and dogma that’s been repeated over and over for so many years, most of us have never been able to discern the signal from the noise when it comes to breathing and the key role nose -breathing has if done properly, in transforming our health and the well- being of those we love and care about.

Look no further; Patrick McKeown is here to give us concrete, fascinating, modern-day tools for transforming our lives now.

Don’t miss this occasion to be with this Breathing Master Teacher & Coach.

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  • Maguy Mon Coach Apr 21, 2023 @ 4:40

    Bravo for TV Univers Presentation and Transfer of synthétic Information on how much which nature composition and quality of air Vital importance for Life longévité and mort.
    As Opéra Songer Soloist and Conservatory and University Vocal Professor , Raja yogi initiâted 1995 Practice since 1997.Author of Stress Autolgestion Global Therapy Maguy My Coach INPI 2009 i can Testify Breathing by N’ose is Vital for HealthKit Balance Wellbeing. Maguy Mon Coach

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