A Conversation with Felix Cavaliere
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Singer/Songwriter

At a time in history where personal strife, ideological conflict & chaos appear to dominate life on earth, the one thing that often heals, unites and energizes people is music. Music engages the mind, the body and the soul.  The powerful impact of music can’t be denied.

Kim has been a music lover since she was a little girl. She’s attended over 100 concerts in Los Angeles of just about every kind of music group you can imagine. One of her favorite groups that she never got a chance to see in concert was The Young Rascals.

In this upcoming segment, Kim welcomes in one of her favorite songwriters & singers, Felix Cavaliere. He’s responsible for so many Mega Hits, “The Young Rascals”. “People Got to Be Free”, “A Beautiful Morning”, “Lonely Too Long”, “Groovin”, “How can I be Sure”, “Good Lovin”, “Carry Me Back”, “A Girl Like You”, “Heaven”, “A Ray of Hope” & many More.

In 1997, The Young Rascals were inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Mr. Cavaliere has been bringing his music to audiences and is releasing his new CD, “Then and Now”.

As part of Music History, the timeless contributions of Felix Cavaliere will live on long after his life, as his music continues to soothe and engage music lovers across all ages & generations.

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Facing The Reality of Abortion,
Navigating The Dilemma

Abortion, by it’s very own nature, may always be, one of the most fiercely charged discussion points, as it brings up the most intense and deepest feelings about not only what life is, but when life begins. It brings up our deepest feelings about what bodily sovereignty means and why it’s important, about personal and collective morality, about what the role of men and women is and should be, about what it means to be a human being and whether the concept of choice should even be both acceptable and legal.

At a time in US history where in many U.S. States, it is now legal to be able to terminate a baby’s life, not only during the early and later stages of pregnancy, but even after the baby is born. For a great majority of people, this particular new law is so disturbing and unacceptable that there’s a line in the sand that beckons us to not only deal with, but to be clear where we stand about it and what we will do about it.

Best-Selling Author, Naomi Wolf Joins us to share why she personally feels tortured about it and other timely insights that she feels are relevant to what’s unfolding today with the practice of Abortion. Naomi Wolf is a journalist that has her own podcast called “Outspoken” and is the founder and CEO or Daily Clout.  In November, her new book comes out called, “Facing The Beast, Courage, Faith & Resistance in A New Dark Age” 

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