Pioneering Microbiome Research with Dr. Sabine Hazan- March 10th, 2024

Dr Hazan

Dr Hazan

Microbes are everywhere, on just about everything and have been in and on the earth since the earth came into being.

Each of us has our own inner and outer ecosystem of microbes that we are born with and are with us during our life and around after our death.

Microbes populate and die based on many factors, ie, what we eat and drink, bad habits we may have like smoking and drinking; drugs and supplements we take, how we manage our stress levels and how we interact with others. Our immune systems are strengthened or weakened by certain microbes.

Dr. Sabine Hazan, a dedicated gastroenterologist, researcher, speaker, author and founder of progenabiome, a genetic sequencing research laboratory dedicated to continuing the work of the late Dr. Sydney Finegold; a dedicated doctor who recognized the power of anaerobic bacteria who spent his life correlating microbes to diseases.

During the “official covid pandemic”, Dr. Hazan made sure that none of her patients died during this scary and chaotic time. She discovered that, Bifidobacteria, a very specific microbe began to disappear in her patients. This discovery called her to find out what was causing this important and unexpected discovery.

The Microbiome can be very mysterious, because, when one goes to study it, one faces vast diversity amongst populations of different cultures of people. Not everyone is the same and most of us have don’t have access to what our specific microbiome baseline is. Often, testing for it can be incomplete, because the specialty itself is still in its infancy.

Don’t miss this important episode where we uncover what you need to know about your own microbiome, about microbes and how you can better understand the terrain and the need for the critical importance of funding next generation research, reporting and testing with people that know how to ask the right questions and who are in service to health and well being.