Vicki Robin – Blessing the Hands That Feed Us

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Vicki Robin

Vicki Robin

Public awareness of the hidden economic and social impacts of the globalization of the food supply has skyrocketed in the last decade. In her new book Blessing the Hands that Feed Us, bestselling author Vicki Robin presents an inspiring memoir and a guide to the challenges and opportunities of eating and buying food locally (within a 10-mile radius of your home). Blessing the Hands that Feed Us explores the idea of “relational eating” and its potential to unite communities, revitalize regional food systems, and decrease our dependence on the global industrial systems we depend on for practically all of our food.

Vicki Robin is a renowned speaker, social innovator, and the coauthor of Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship With Money and Achieving Financial Independence with Joe Dominguez. Lauded as the “prophet of consumption downsizers” by the New York Times, her pioneering work as a sustainable living advocate has been awarded by Co-op America and Sustainable Northwest. She has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America, and featured in People, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek.

Vicki Robin sat on the President’s Council on Sustainable Development’s Task Force on Population and Consumption in the 1990s, and helped launch The New Road Map Foundation, The Simplicity Forum, and Sustainable Seattle, among other prominent sustainability initiatives.

Vicki Robin is also the co-creator of Conversation Cafés, an initiative and method for revitalizing public life and community. Conversation Cafés bring diverse people together in public places to engage in hosted conversations on subjects that matter.

Join us with Vicki Robin as we explore the experiences that shaped Blessing the Hands that Feed Us, the rights and health issues that underscore the locavore movement, and the vital role of local food systems in health, community, economy, and sovereignty.

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