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Wal Thornhill, co-author of The Electric Universe

Wal Thornhill

Wallace Thornhill and David Talbot are the authors of The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods. They fundamentally challenge the gravitational model of the universe, backing up their assertion that the universe is electric with massive evidence. Wallace Thornhill explains the electric model of the universe and why the mainstream scientific community is stuck.

“High-energy electrical events in space are changing the picture of the cosmos.” ~C.J. Ransom, Ph.D
Plasma Physics Director, Vemasat Laboratories

“Of all the forces we know, there is none stronger than a paradigm.” ~Robert Stirniman

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  • Jim Johnson Nov 23, 2010 @ 11:23

    Thanks for having Wal as your guest. His ideas are intensely absorbing and plausible. My being new to your site means i do not know its history, but if you have not, you might look at another marginalized research effort by Eric Lerner, author of The Big Bang Never Happened. His firm, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, is undertaking a minimally funded set of experiments in fusion energy, using aneutronic plasma focus fusion. So far he is making real research strides, conducted completely transparently. check http://www.focusfusion.org for more info. If you are near New Jersey (I am not) you may be able to get a tour.
    Do have live broadcasts. I already get up early for some, and would enjoy that from you as well.

  • katesisco Jun 9, 2011 @ 15:29

    I appreciate the recent summary in which W Thornhill states that electrostatic force applied to charged particles is mass. Since science tells us that most of the mass of the solar system and fractally the galaxy as well is in the HALO outside but on the same plane as the spiral arms and the sun’s plane of the ecliptic what does that tell us about what is happening in this bouncy state?
    Highest mass equals highest changeability? That this is the source of highly energetic particles that are not emminating from the ‘cosmos?’

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