Walter Burien – Hidden Budgets in Every State in America

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Walter Burien

Walter Burien

Every county, state, city, and municipality has a budget detailing costs and expenses. But for some reason, these budgets do not include total gross receipts. For many years, people have accepted the accounting practices that guide these formal budgets – but what happens when it doesn’t add up? Former commodities advisor Walter Burien has spent over a decade investigating the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) of many counties and states throughout the USA. The CAFR – which is never mentioned in the media and virtually unknown to the public – confirms the existence of a parallel government accounting system that only shows the public one side of the story. As a result, we’ve accepted systemic declines in productivity and wealth alongside continuously ballooning costs.

When government cries “deficit”, most of us accept without question that States are struggling because of the economy. But what if every state, county, city, and municipality claiming to be broke or running a deficit was in fact running a billion or trillion dollar budget surplus? And what if we can prove it? Walter Burien explains how the CAFR works and presents his solution for the future prosperity of humankind.

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  • Elena Jun 27, 2012 @ 17:37

    The talk by Mr. Burien was very interesting. However there is one issue I’m curious about. Mr. Burien talked about the INCOME side of the government, but did not talk about the EXPENSE side. Whithout something to stop the politicians from Spending money, there will always be a defecit problem, because the government will always spend more money than it takes in, no matter how much money is collected in taxes.

    • Jack Jun 28, 2012 @ 9:07

      Elena Mr. Burien is talking about all the money that government has not just taxes the money they made off the tax money. We have no defecits. They spend all the taxes collected and do not spend the money they made and do not show it in the next years budget.

  • PAUL Jun 27, 2012 @ 19:05

    I like Walter and everything he is doing but he is very hard to understand.
    Am I the only one?


    • Taylor Jun 28, 2012 @ 20:26


      The trouble with understanding Walter is due to Walter being too damn smart. The guy is a financial genius. I once sent through e-mail to Walter a birthday wish. It was easy for me to store away his birthday because it is the same as my older son’s. Nonetheless, however, I sent him a wish several days late. Low and behold about an hour later this stupendously intelligent man gives me a call. I talked to Walter for over an hour, and indeed his brilliance can snowball you. Now, he’s a very down-to-earth guy, and thus he doesn’t go out to try to impress and dominate with his exceptional wit and extraordinary grasp of finance. It’s just the way he is; i.e., he can’t help being so dog gone smart with money and finance. Bottom line: if you ever have a chance to talk to this incredible man, don’t pass up the opportunity. He is one in a million. He’s a very special human being.

  • Bob Brooks Jun 28, 2012 @ 8:18

    Elena is correct in my opinion, i.e., the politicians will never curb their lust for taxes and lust for spending those taxes to further their agenda(s). Since our “money” system is based on debt, and our economy on scarcity, no light for us seems to appear at the end of the tunnel.

    I’ve been Mr. Burien’s fan for several years now, and am very appreciative of his work. That said, I always come back to the fact that the governments are not going to change their ways because of the excellent work of people like Walter.

    Theirs has been an ongoing raping of the public for generations, and they’re not about to give up their gains. This explains why people go into politics, knowing that, once in, they have a clear advantage over the public.

    Just seeing the Supreme Court of Criminals confirming Obummer’s “health care” program, it’s quite obvious in which direction those in power want to take our nation. And if those powers want Osama for another term, he’ll get it.

    The sad fact is that Amerika’s sheeple really have no way to change this direction, except the entire population arise at once and drive out the criminals, as a Jesus is alleged to have done with the moneychangers from his Temple back then.

    Do you see this happening any time soon? I certainly don’t expect such a “miracle” to occur during my lifetime, or any time in the future of the earth.

    We’ve been educating ourselves through the generations, but this accumulated knowledge is not enough to stop their raping. Knowledge requires action, and I don’t see the courage in the people adequate to act to stop them. But we can always hope……………………

    • Clint Richardson Jul 25, 2012 @ 9:17

      Again, the point of Mr. Burien’s work is to create the laws that will bind the politicians and their greed and opportunity.

      Without this understanding of Burien’s intent, you have developed this opinion. You must understand that the whole point with the TRF is to create law. It is not to educate – though that is a good thing. It is to force these politicians through a vote of the people to obey the new TRF laws or go to jail. They get away with what they get away with now simply because they are participating in legal organized crime, and do not go to jail for their participation. Thus, the laws that bind this now promoted behavior must be created.

      This is what Walter is trying to accomplish.

      Hope this helps.

  • Elena Jun 28, 2012 @ 11:49

    Jack you brought up a good point. I did not include all the money the government makes off their tax money. However, its my contention that the government will spend the money it makes off the tax money as well. No matter how much money the governments gets, no matter what the source, the government will spend that money and more so unless there is limitation on government SPENDING.

  • John Jul 6, 2012 @ 13:17

    I’ve followed Walter, and as it will take millions to stand up to this plunder & rape of the nation. It wil take nothing less than divine intervention . . . The “Shift of the Ages” is exactly that. The Spirital Hierachy / Gal. Fed. Of Light is on the job. The mass arrests of the dark cabal has started. Tons of evidence, so all is in order. Soon, Discloure, First contact, interim gov’ts, prosperity funds, surpressed tech. Out. Most of all we return to full consciousness! Ck. paoweb. com and get Sheldan’s free weekly newsletter updates. When now – divine right time.
    Sit back and be amazed. Join in by feeling, being, radiating love Now. Nix fear. Be kind.
    Sharing is caring.

  • ponerology Jul 21, 2012 @ 7:30

    I don’t agree with Burien’s idea that the sole reason for revolutions is to drain the population. Yeah, that’s part of it–but that isn’t the whole of it. They’re expecting a revolt because they’re driving the revolt in order to depopulate because they don’t want (or need) all of us anymore. We are post-consumer (read Club of Rome and CFR documents) and obviously post-industrial. In fact, we are soon to be post-money as we’ve known it. Hard currencies are old news. Money ain’t gonna mean much and very soon. He never mentions carbon credits. That is the way of the future. Trying to keep this money system alive –trying to “fix it” via Burien’s ideas won’t work because the agenda of the hidden hand doesn’t have Burien’s ideas in mind. The “benefit” of the population isn’t the goal. Elimination of the population is the goal. Sorry Mr. Burien. Nice fantasy though. Money is the root of all evil–no matter who is driving it–symbiotic relationships nothwithstanding. The problem has to be removed at the root. Rehabilitating the plant won’t do it.

    • Clint Richardson Jul 25, 2012 @ 9:11

      What you are missing, Ponerology, is that government has used that “money” to purchase by investment everything in the world, from land to mineral rights, real estate to foreign currencies, and most importantly direct stock ownership of all national and international corporations. Only by the people of America reeling in and taking over that true wealth will the people of America have any true wealth – equity and real assets is true wealth, not money. The dollar was and still is just a tool utilized by government collectively to buy the world.

      You are right… money is the root of this evil. But not in the way you promote. Our consent to what government has done with that money through taxation and investment is the true evil – the stagnation and purposeful ignorance of the people begets this evil. The first step is in recognizing the power of the people, and then to utilize that power. Quit blaming the so-called elite power-brokers and start blaming ourselves. Then take away their power. In order to do this, the people must create the law, not their “representatives”. The delegation of authority and statute-making to politicians (attorneys and corporate businessmen) is the problem.

  • Clint Richardson Jul 25, 2012 @ 9:00

    Mrs. Rainmaker…

    You were asking Walter how this TRF would be legally binding. I think you might have missed what Walter was trying to say. He said the word “initiative”, but didn’t explain this.

    The people would create and vote upon an initiative (proposition in California) that would list all of the aspects of the TRF. The power of the public in law creation is highly underestimated. The TRF would be created as true law, not just a government statute. With this creation of law, which would also have a stipulation that it could only be altered by the people, not by government statute, the government would not have a choice but to either cooperate or go to jail for fraud. Government now can choose to help the people or not. With the TRF, it will be law that they must make that government wealth benefit the people.

    The reason things are the way they are not, this legal organized crime that we call government, is because there is no TRF type of law in place, and therefore they are kids in a candy store sucking the population dry. THE PEOPLE MUST STAND UP AND CREATE THE LAW THAT BINDS THESE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. No law, no prosperity for the people.

    So what you missed was the fact that Walter’s TRF takes away the greed and opportunity factor by making this against the law. Right now, greed and opportunity is legal and promoted. The TRF would change that with the power of the people and the law!

    -Clint Richardson-

    • Clint Richardson Jul 25, 2012 @ 9:03

      Should read… the way they are “now”.


    • Kim Greenhouse Jul 26, 2012 @ 7:15

      Dear Clint,

      Thank you for your input and added commentary to the interview with Walter Burien. Regarding “missing” what he said, it’s more like an entire other show would need to be done to better explain terms, meanings and where standing occurs, very much like you just took your time to do, which I appreciate. My question and concern to him was about the matter of standing and I was very clear what I asked.

      Standing is all that matters when it comes to being able to enforce anything. Now that you explain more clearly the TRF type of law, it adds more clarity to the matter.

      Walter is responsible for his own communication style and delivery methods, including, but not limited to if the public really walks away with his main points, key areas of emphasis and solutions. If people miss anything, it’s a combination of hearing complex new content for the first time, because of the way his content and its delivery is communicated and the horrible sound quality of his set up. Even with the best equipment for recording the interview and a wonderful sound engineer on this end, the sound quality on his end is so comprimised that it makes him sound like he’s under water. I had many complaints about the interview sound quality that we have never received before.

      I expressed this to him beforehand and his answer to me was that he has done over 600 radio shows and everything is fine the way it is. When you have this kind of important message to get out with massive detail about something this big, and you refuse to make it your business to be properly heard when you are in poor health and in danger all the time the way he is, what can I say? Maybe he has beaten this drum too long and too hard and suffered too much to care anymore whether he is properly heard. I do understand where he’s at and have compassion for what he has been going through. He is a very brave man to put his life at risk.

      As for your final comments about how his application of TRF takes away the greed and opportunity factor; I see it a bit differently. It is more like it limits the manifestation of how greed and opportunity are expressed and navigated. Greed is part of the human condition that you can’t get rid of or control in others; but, you can design structures with the understanding that greed is there and will become activated, so when it does, this part of humanity is addressed in the new structure and won’t have play room to wreak havoc in the new, good thing.

      Thank you for all of your caring and commentary.

      Kim Greenhouse
      It’s Rainmaking Time!

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