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I am so fortunate to have a wonderfully gifted webmaster who is trained and skilled in many useful programs, and who is also trained as a sound engineer. I’ve struggled for years with webmasters who hadn’t a clue how to facilitate my mission online. In years past, I had seen it all when it came to web-mastering: building things I did not like, understand, or have the ability to get away from; building things that worked for them, not me; and, finally, taking emails from my site without my knowledge and directing it to their email as a backup, thereby defiling my trust. Yes, I have seen it all and when I thought I would never find the right person and prepared to do it all myself, he appeared. And that is the most interesting part of this. He was a student in one of my workshops 2 years ago. His name is Andy, and I am the luckiest person in the world to have him assisting me. Thank God for Andy! Thank you God! Thank you Andy!

I thought I would never find someone who was up to the task. 18 months ago I began researching what programs I would use online, which would be the right choice, and really examined what I needed and wanted in a webmaster that would be working so closely with me.

I needed a professional sound engineer to edit my shows and to realize the urgent importance of this work getting out there for the public to hear, contemplate, and act on. I not only found an old soul who understands and shares the same level of excitement and passion for exploration, discovery, and adventure – but also a consummate professional and gentleman in every sense of the word. It’s one thing to be a guy with gifts and skills, and another to be a gentleman. There are lots of men, guys, and boys in this world. Gentleman are rare. Many gentlemen exist. I am sure of it. Many are hidden. Welcome Gentlemen!

It is rare to find a high-level, honest, loving, knowledgeable, gifted, and highly creative person who will step in and up to embrace the accountability associated with presenting and managing an online broadcasting site and blog such as this. So many times, when we have the chance to thank the very people who have stepped in and made things happen for us, we don’t. We may get busy or forget to make the necessary time.

We forget the people that lift the burdens of life and work from us. Thank you Andy, for the long-needed and -wanted breakthrough, and for the huge honor it is to have a human being like you participating in this grand adventure with me. The blessings are rushing in every day. You are a huge blessing!

When we think that God has forgotten us, if we look around at the people in our lives who show up and deliver, we can see that God is there in them. I am reminded continually how much God loves me when you arrived on the scene. It’s true. Rainmaking is about the magic and the wonder of the human spirit as much as it is about manifesting. Because of you, I can dance freely in my own brand of magic. You bring in your own wonderful on-going brand of magic! Let’s continue to make that magic as we call in people and solutions across the world.

It’s Rainmaking Time!

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