Whole Systems Websites: Future Proofing WordPress with A Systems Maverick

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Chris Pearson

Chris Pearson

Anyone who wants an effective website will have to consider so many elements about their website ecosystem, including so many different views and opinions from web developers, coders, user interface and graphic experts, bloggers & podcasters, that, the very act of choosing what’s best for one’s offerings, is often met with tremendous complexity, unknown compatibility challenges, idiosyncratic expertise and continuous expenses.

The Challenges of Content Management Systems (CMS)

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that most often, website owners using Content Management Systems, (CMS), don’t really know what’s going on under the hood, or what’s referred to as (the back end) of websites. The ability to make an effective choice of software ecosystems to build one’s website is often incomplete, misleading, lacking important transparency and will not allow the website to be secured for the long term.

Frustration and Expenses of Hiring a Webmaster

Hiring a webmaster is often frustrating and expensive and in these volatile and erosive economic times, fewer people will be able to get the expertise and help that their websites need. As business owners and creatives, very often, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Learning Software from a Systems Perspective

Maybe it’s time that we learn our own software, from a systems perspective, so that we can continue to communicate online no matter what algorithms are formally and insidiously altered that we don’t know about. In the presence of shadow banning, censorship and polarized communities, what can we do to be able to continue to communicate online?

If you have any interest in being able to run your own website without having to be a programmer or know HTML, CSS or PHP, and you want to be able to share your content, you will want to tune in to this segment.

After many years of struggling and dissatisfaction with her own inability to keep her website, itsrainmakingtime.com updated using WordPress, one of the better Content Management Systems around and having very upsetting experiences with so many webmasters and developers, Kim shares what she’s been through.

Chris Pearson and DIYthemes

Enter Chris Pearson, the founder of DIYthemes, Thesis Framework, Focus WordPress Theme & Focus OmniTweet a pathway to keep your tweets alive and available should Twitter start to suppress or censor your tweets.

Chris shares how creators, inventors, business owners and communicators can finally take control of their work online by adapting a systems perspective to the way they perceive, understand and build websites.

The Black Box of Internet and CMS

This conversation opens up the public to what’s really going on in The Black Box that the internet and (Content Management Systems) have become and why he was led to develop his own software ecosystem to be able to bypass the often unseen, unworkable and costly experience of using standard ecosystems to develop and share ones’ work and life via a website.

This will challenge the way most of us think about and interact with our and other people’s websites. We invite you to comment and share this segment so that others may learn, as well as how we can share collectively how to make our experience better for more people around the world.

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