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Dr. Angela Thompson Smith

Dr. Angela Thompson Smith

Mindwise Consulting founder Angela Thompson Smith is a professional remote viewer, remote viewing teacher, life coach, and the author of Remote Perceptions. She returns to the show to discuss the future scenarios laid out in Remote Perceptions, which she observed through remote viewing. In this conversation, Angela elaborates on her predictions for the next big earthquake location in America, as well as coming environmental conditions in the USA by the year 2030. We also discuss the various remote viewing modalities and the teaching styles of prominent remote viewing authorities such as Paul Smith and Lyn Buchanan. If you’ve enjoyed our exploration of the remote viewing phenomenon, this segment with Angela Thompson Smith is not to be missed!

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  • Robin Datta Aug 20, 2011 @ 11:11

    Non-locality is implicit in the Judaic approach to the Divine: in Ain Sof is included all of the past and all of the future as a present instant, and all the extent of the dimensions of space as a “here”. When the Divine Spirit animated the human by  breathing into the hum, the Spirit in the human did not detach from its Source, but remained One Continuum. Any and all “psychic” powers derive from this. Such activities as remote viewing, remarkable as they are, are directed away from The Source, and pale in comparison to directing one’s awareness towards its Source – one’s inherent birthright. 

    That is also the teaching of the Advaita (non-dual) Vedanta. 

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