Dual Survival: Four Years in the Wilderness

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Cody Lundin

Dual Survival co-host
Cody Lundin

One would think that advanced technologies like the Internet, wi-fi, and cellular phones would make our modern world simpler. While it’s true that it makes life convenient, modern technology makes us more vulnerable than ever, completely dependent upon our antiquated electrical grid. Dual Survival brings this startling reality into clear focus.

Currently filming its fourth season, Dual Survival is an American reality television show hosted by survival experts Cody Lundin and Joe Teti. Set in wild and unforgiving environments, each episode of Dual Survival places the two in a new survival scenario. In exotic jungles, harsh deserts, and the most remote locations, their survival skills are put to the test for days at a time. Using minimal gear, Cody Lundin and Joe Teti demonstrate a variety of techniques and skills for surviving in the wilderness, such as finding potable water, building shelter, and making fire.

Dual Survival presents two very different philosophical and practical approaches to surviving in the wild. The naturalistic perspective of Cody Lundin, a self-described “barefoot hippie”, stands in contrast to the military training of co-host Joe Teti and former co-host Dave Canterbury, the founder of the Pathfinder Training School in Ohio.

Cody Lundin is a primitive skills expert, author, and the founder of the Aboriginal Living Skills School (ALSS) in Arizona. Each year, ALSS offers hands-on classes on desert survival, fashioning crude tools, building fire in various conditions, and many other essential wilderness survival skills. Cody appeared on its rainmaking time in 2010 – prior to the first season of Dual Survival – to share emergency survival tips from his books When All Hell Breaks Loose and 98.6: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive.

Cody Lundin returns to its rainmaking time with his insights from four years in the wilderness and what it’s like to be a public figure in this area. We will also cover aspects of his books that we didn’t have time to cover in the first interview. Stay tuned for the fourth season of Dual Survival on The Discovery Channel in June 2014!

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  • Guerrero Feb 11, 2014 @ 13:22

    Found this by google, searchin for interviews of Joe and Cody, liked the show and gonna look into Cody’s books which I didn’t know about. You got yourself a listener

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