Talal Jabari – The Proliferation of Cell Towers

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Talal Jabari

Talal Jabari

Talal Jabari, documentary film producer and director of the new film Full Signal: The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones, joins us to discuss the massive acceleration of cell phone towers and antennas that are being placed both in and out of sight in peoples’ homes and apartments, in the steeples of churches, and in trees, and how it is that around the world that cell phone companies are working with great speed to spread as many cell towers as they can, as fast as they can, with no approval or notice to anyone in any country around the world.

They are advancing to put cell towers in small communities and taking advantage of the dire life situations people are finding themselves in financially by paying people to place their towers where they live. So far, there are no funded studies about the cell towers and how they are impacting human health. Learn about exactly what is happening to harm and protect human beings from this overreaching process which is endangering all people and – even worse – putting children and young peoples’ health in grave danger in ways that are frightening, measurable, and unacceptable.

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  • tud Jan 21, 2012 @ 6:50

    I would have really liked to hear information on how to lower these signals in my home…

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