Dr. Steven Joyal – The Science of Life Extension

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Dr. Steven Joyal

Dr. Steven Joyal

In this show, we explore the exciting field of life extension. Is it merely taking lots of supplements, more exercise, and a variety of hormones, or is it something quite different? What is the state of the supplement, herb, and anti-aging industries? What should we be aware of and why?

We invited Dr. Steven Joyal, Vice President of Science & Medical Affairs for the Life Extension Foundation and author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Diabetes, to answer these and other questions about life extension.

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  • Peter Knopfler Mar 28, 2010 @ 14:33

    Great News From Dr. Joyal, pretty much agree with everything, yet I wish to supplement. In 1947-8 Dr. Paul Niehans of Le`Praire Clinic in Switzerland started Live cell therapy, using bovine embroy cells, injected. Bob Hope, Charlie Chaplan, George Burns, Sofia Loren, Dick Cummings,Dick Clark, and many more public figures that lived longer than their lifestyle expressed or warranted. First, very longevity program, through science, that worked. 1979 Durke Pearson and Sandy Shaw wrote book Life extensions.. great it gave you new nutritional knowledge, then, Dr. Norman Walker lived 120 years, “becoming younger”, Linus Pauling, vitamin C master, Jack LeLane, oatmeal cardio guru now 96, Paul Bragg, and today-NOW, Ray Kurzweil,and Terry Grossman..Fantastic Voyage, “live long enough to live forever. AND Dr. Aubrey de Grey with Micheal Rae “Ending Aging”.Education is the key,Knowledge allows for a long life and a conscious death. Life is wonderful when you know what your doing. Added supplement, Corporate dictatorship-health-care bill keeps you uninformed and now will start taking vitamins and supplements away from you, because, quote_ there is more money to be made from sick people D. Rockefeller 1905, originator of the American Medical Society, that same year David also created the National Education Association. therefore to control the publics mind to get addicted to Drs. surgery, medication, remember Rockefeller also created, the Pharmacutical industry. It pays to keep you sick.. Also population control methods vaccinations, enginered food products, medication, and much more will keep you from that longevity, governments what a quicker turn around , too many people already live too long, its your moral duty to die sooner, make room for another and is more economical..for real! So longevity becomes as your health a personal responsibility, trust no one, read do your home work, Socrates./.Know they self, cellularly, your cells are yourselves, If you dont know what your eating youll never know who you can be , peter knopfler , THe mind is everywhere past, present future, but the body only has this present moment, only in present moment awareness, can you usher in changes. Your life is here,now, make it your own.

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