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It’s an exciting time to be alive. There’s a feeling of so much possibility and yet so many big challenges. Many riveting discoveries are changing life as we know it. For example, our brains are not our consciousness, but rather, an interface for consciousness.

Consciousness is part of our biology; yet, we won’t find this new knowledge in the current textbooks. We have not one, but two brains: one in our gut and the other in our skull.

The heart is not just a mechanical organ, but also, a very intelligent one that communicates to us. Our mind is expansive and way more complex than our intellect, or the analytical side of our thinking. It’s vibrational and electromagnetic.

Telepathy is real and not new age mumbo jumbo. We’re using it to some degree or another. Animals are also telepathic. They know when we’re coming home. Most communication is energetic, unspoken and palpable. Doesn’t this excite you? It’s certainly excites me. The world of discovery is thrilling and daunting.

Our subconscious carries the keys to universes beyond our current awareness and understanding. It’s unlimited in scope and depth and available to help us solve problems and bring in creations that we never imagined possible.

Project Stargate

The early Controlled Remote Viewing work carried out by Project Stargate & their early teams and related projects have led those who have been trained to solve big problems and make profound discoveries about the past and the present.

The subconscious can give us direct access to future events, to the extent we’re receptive, because time and space as we know it, is not what we believe it is. Sometimes for the treatment of impotence it is enough to change your mind instead of buying Cialis online.

When we open up about time and space and what it really is and how it might really work, treasures flood in.

Vibrational Frequencies

Some of us have learned that water is not only made up of chemical and biological substances, but also, vibrational frequencies that it carries with it wherever it goes. Matter absorbs whatever has happened to and around it, even before we come into contact with it.

Did you know that water exists beyond where geologists believe it’s located, even using their best geologic practices? Very few drillers will tell you this, because many don’t know it and those that do keep it a well-kept secret?

Answers to questions that we have struggled with since humans could think are upon us and available to us at this very moment. They await our inquires, our receptivity, and our humility. The implications of these discoveries are staggering, which is why I spent years producing the show It’s Rainmaking Time!®

Kim Greenhouse

Rainmaking’s Mission

My name is Kim Greenhouse. Most people know me as the producer and host of It’s Rainmaking Time!® Others know me as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Rainmaking Company.

My clients know me as a Communications Steward and Strategist, Packager, Private Advisor, and Visioning Coach. My friends know me as a loyal friend, an explorer; world traveler, pioneer, and broadcast host.

I really dislike being pinned down to titles and have rejected them my entire life. I love learning new things and making good things happen. I’m called to bring forth accountability, well-being, and solutions that enhance the quality of life on earth.

I’m fascinated with new and ancient knowledge. My Rainmaking Mission began when I realized that businesses have consciousness and are energy systems and that just about everything we’ve been told about business and life, as information or knowledge, is off the mark. Unfortunately, the human bandwidth has never truly been empowered to be free without fear of loss and big personal risks.

A great deal of knowledge and experience was synthesized and accumulated after bringing products to the market: assisting pioneers, inventors, creative, and business owners; starting an unorthodox and much needed company; and producing 400 shows. I’ve interviewed leaders from just about every field except politics.

“Dragons Guarding The Gates”

Clearly, one of the greatest threats to generating a totally different kind of economy, with a life-giving kind of commercial and creative complex of new companies and infrastructure, is that many of the point people in different domains willingly serve as “Dragons Guarding The Gates” of an outdated closed system that appears to be open. It has a real front and a back end and a central nervous system just like we do.

Those entrenched in the older systemic ways and means, including “standards and practices,” truly don’t know how or why they should begin to transition into a totally different kind of business environment and mind-set. Far too many people and industries are terrified to give up control and access, or even willing to share it.

They don’t really understand that a business is an energetic ecosystem, with an organism of consciousness that expresses itself in its structure, contracts, ways of doing business, process, policies, and protocols.

The vast majority of leaders and CEOs, investors and boards of directors understand ownership and control-based mechanisms, policies, laws, and systems. Old Guard point people are put into place to guard a closed system. Just witness the laws and regulations of most systems.

The existing consciousness that runs the worlds systems needs to be articulated for what it really is: a limited and unsustainable hang-out. For the vast majority of people living today, existing systems are not life-giving.

They were not designed to generate flow and circulate prosperity, or to enhance receptivity, togetherness, and cooperation. They thrive and capitalize on fear, bondage, and control. They’re the very opposite conditions for optimizing creativity, imagination, and collective success. Fear keeps most of us where we don’t really want to be.

A transitional ecosystem needs to be imagined and generated en mass and watered for souls that are ready to move into, discover, build and flourish, while many of us still have to continue operating in the existing legal and financial environments.

This new ecosystem needs to pull for as much experimentation and receptivity as possible, so that we can engage and prepare those people who are ready. This different organism of social space, life and work must be invited and developed as soon as possible. The world is moving too fast and automation already has legs.

Most of us already know that we are living in very volatile times and need to be on our toes in this global systemic marketplace. Tough decisions and distinctions will need to be made where they count the most.

When it comes down to investing, it could be said that too many of us give our power and resources to brokers, attorneys, fiduciaries, money managers, bankers and investment advisors who are not fully accountable to us. The economic system has so many moving parts.

Quite often, not even the “experts” really understand the financial and economic system beyond their own specialized dogma. Whole Systems Understanding is a missing key to major problem solving, innovation, and the expansion of creative and commercial development.

In the near future, many of you will be hearing about major solutions that will be developing in this emerging space. Are you ready?

In my experience, so many people with college degrees and big credentials, wholeheartedly believe in their financial and legal masters and are addicted to their guidance.

Very often, what they don’t realize, is the degree to which synthetic fraud not only runs the world, but also has permeated just about every facet of it. The point people with whom we so often put our trust in to lead us out of confusion into prosperity end up being part of the very problem.

Problem solving happens in a system with a consciousness that is deeply deceptive, cold-blooded, and fiscally irresponsible. It’s born in a root system of laws, regulations, transactions, and contracts that are devoid of “Chi”, (Life Force), Health and Compassion.

The worldly system is born of bondage not freedom, ruthlessness and greed, rather than the generation of and sharing of prosperity. It’s morphed into an “anything goes” and “it’s mine” spirit of competition, which has trumped true cooperation and community. The spirit of family and togetherness is missing from the vast majority of industries and companies.

This misguided consciousness is a synthetic mutation that doesn’t belong to anything human. Somehow, it’s taken root. Those of us who are aware of it need to stop watering it. We need to use real seeds that generate loving prosperity and water those. What about financial seeds?

When we deposit funds into our bank account, many of us believe that we deposit “our money,” into “our bank account”. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. Read the fine print from your bank. Many of us believe that when a broker tells us to own “Gold ETF’s” that we own “Real Gold” and that we “own” the asset or the commodity.

Many of us may assume that we understand inflation and how it impacts our lives and the lives of our loved ones. If our money managers, fiduciaries, agents, and brokers don’t understand it, how can we expect to?

What if I were to inform you that you may not really “Grock” the real impacts of inflation and how it really works. If you did, you may just decide to let go of your cherished brokers and standard investment advisors. You may even change your entire life. Many of you may move your residence and liquidate certain investments.

Businesses and investments are alive. They’re animate and have consciousness. Every business and transaction on the planet is part of an energy system.

Brain waves are vitally important for well- being and productivity and are biologically impacted by what’s happening around us.

They can be entrained to lock onto a signal that’s being transmitted into and around every building and open space in our world. This’s why we must pay very close attention to the cellular and microwave stations and the signals that are being beamed into the environment.

These frequencies impact our thoughts, our emotional state and our physical health. They are not benign. Because our bodies are electromagnetic, our brain waves are impacted for better or for worse.

There’s too much reliable science that’s known that’s being kept from the public. New environments must be established to protect us from the deadening effects of this kind of pollution and biological assault.

All living things will be well served. Our children and their schools need help ASAP.

In late 2003, I had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Dr. Mohammad Yunus, the beloved founder of The Grameen Bank, which is the only banking system that provides uncollateralized lending to the poorest of the poor.

At that time, I was not even on the radio, television, nor did I have a podcast. The Internet was in its infancy. He willingly agreed to do an interview with me.

In 2006, he got the Nobel Prize for his banking marvel. In 2011, the government of Bangladesh removed him from his own bank after he built it up after 25 years. Its holdings were substantial.

“The Mahatma Gandhi of Banking”

Dr. Yunus is considered “The Mahatma Gandhi of Banking.” The formation of any important project, company, or product sets up it’s consciousness. We can all learn from what happened to Dr. Yunus and The Grameen Bank.

The Grameen Bank was seized in a most cruel and hostile takeover. What’s useful is how it was empowered to be carried out? For example, what was the contract Dr. Yunus signed when The Grameen Bank first started?

Who did he sign the contract with?

Who was present that explained the contract, the terms, and the fine print to him?

What were the laws in his jurisdiction that would leave an opening for him to be kicked out of his own creation because he was considered too old?

He had already received The Nobel Prize. He was teaching others how to set up his kind of an organization, so that they too could prosper and change lives for the better. What gave the takeover group the legal standing to strip Dr. Yunus of his?

When you get to the bottom of these questions, you will find that something that he signed or agreed to, was either in the fine print, or explicit.

I sense that Dr. Yunus never imagined that his legal standing would ever have to be called upon, because in his own innocence and spirit of kindness, he believed that what he was doing was not only a public good, but that it emanated from his pure heart.

His purpose was to bring forth the end of poverty and seed a new generation of prosperity. He would have never imagined such a scenario would happen to him. Yet, it did.

When you sign a contract, the terms and conditions matter. You align with whatever you sign, whether you realize it or not. You become a complicit, joint venture partner in empowering any ill will, bad faith, and deception in the agreement.

The “fine print” domain of contracts is one of the diseases of civilization.

What can we do about this? We practice making space for transition. This means, not knowing how it will be worked out, or even how to proceed. Not knowing becomes acceptable in the new culture.

Mystery and the Unknown become part of the space. Laughter is a sign of flow, rather than laziness or lack of productivity.

Ideas and solutions are invited and empowered to circulate, because there’s no end to them. Receptivity is finer than the purest gold, and an elevated asset class onto itself.

Different models and ways of doing things are not only needed, but need to be celebrated and invited. Imagination needs range, and its power and how it works need to be imparted to awaken the creativity vortex in all of us.

Risk-taking becomes conscious rather than reckless. People’s lives are taken more seriously. Well-being is paramount. Many of us know that land and water are sacred.

Knowing is one thing, cherishing is another. Where we build, we get permission from the land, the sea, and the air. This also means anything built in outer space. Our materials are alive and part of a real biology that induces health.

We know that building materials are either alive or dead. Contracts are sacred living agreements. Their foundations shape the future.

Economies today have both a natural and synthetic ebb and flow. Liquidity comes and goes. As stewards, we carefully monitor all aspects of circulation and stasis to determine potential danger and prosperity.

We prepare to be transitioning stewards, knowing that the earth always undergoes big changes and that it has undergone climate cycles for millions upon millions of years.

Our role is to be wise and accurately informed stewards, on a whole-systems level, not necessarily from governments, or news outlets, but from listening inwardly and staying receptive.

The human spirit and heart is sacred and never to be dismissed. They’re the gateway for loving intelligence to directly guide us away from misguided beliefs and unacceptable conditions that have plagued civilizations since the dawn of humankind.

We are transitioning beings, knowing full well that our role is to prepare this and future generations to not only survive the very tumultuous and chaotic times, but, to make the wild-ride into the unknown an adventure of a lifetime and an everlasting legacy of all that is good and loving.

May we never forget that our time here is short and those of us who are ready are joyfully standing tall to deliver on our promises.

Let The Rainmaking Begin!

Kim Greenhouse

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  • Brent Pieczynski Jun 6, 2020 @ 16:34

    These changes in this world are interesting, but plenty of the attitude of if an item can be perceived in a way, then it must be perceived that way is prevailing. With this being about, the attitude that is prevailing, so plenty of the Chaos is fully-preventable during this upcoming destruction; as a result, people needing to enforce an older way of doing things will bring suffering to the world.

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