Regenerative Medicine-Next Generation Healing

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Dr. Craig Chase

Dr. Craig Chase

Regenerative Medicine is a very exciting and fast moving field of Medical research, discovery and applications with some very hopeful and viable options for patients with degenerating conditions.

Dr. Craig Chase, a chiropractor, physician’s assistant and vascular expert is the founder of The Center for Regenerative Medicine, who joins us to discuss the specifics of Regenerative Medicine in the orthopedic area. With a traditional standard of care in Orthopedic Medicine, healing often involves many complications because the paradigm underlying it has to do with the mechanical approach to fixing structural injuries.  Joint, tissue and cartilage injuries are often complicated and impact other surrounding areas of the body as a whole system.  Very often, surgery makes permanent changes to the body where the injury was and therefore to body mechanics.

Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments are often a way to keep existing structures in the body and to induce their regeneration. This regeneration is also influenced by other factors such as the age of the patient, their diet, and daily habits related to movement, posture or even a lack of activity.

While there will always be a need for orthopedic surgeons, there may not always be a need for the traditional standard of care in the orthopedic space. What’s being learned about Regeneration is slowly but surely having it’s way in those patients who want to be receive care at the frontier of science and healing.

Join us as we get inside the often hidden details of import that are involved in stem cell generation, platelet rich plasma and A2M procedures and how they are designed to heal injuries.

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