Dave Krieger – Virulent Worm Destroys US Real Estate Market

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Dave Krieger

Dave Krieger

Over 70 million properties in the USA may have clouded titles. Americans may be forced to file a quiet title suit just to be able to convey clear title to their properties. In one of the most explosive interviews to date, Dave Krieger, author of the new book Clouded Titles, blows the whistle on the business model and operations of the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) on It’s Rainmaking Time!® with Kim Greenhouse. How is it that mortgage lenders and MERS systematically and knowingly infected and participated in the destruction of the US real estate market and property laws? How come property owners never saw it coming? Ellen Brown JD, a regular on The Kaiser Report, the founder and chair of the Public Banking Institute and the author of Web of Debt, pops in to discuss the legal ramifications of the erosion of the entire system and how everyone might be made whole.

its rainmaking time explores how it is that the regulators, like the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Comptroller of the Currency, as well as real estate investors, title companies, and brokers across the country also missed noticing that MERS have been hiding the chain of custody so that borrowers don’t know who actually owns their loan.

The securitization of over 70 million properties without the proper chain of custody of the title being recorded in the land deeds or the notes will have a massive chain reaction at a central nervous system level of our real estate, banking, and legal industries.

The human suffering from this is already spiraling. So many people will be impacted that it’s literally staggering. If people find out that they have paid off their homes but don’t really own them and can’t sell them, or that they are in foreclosure, who knows how people will deal with it? There’s an x-factor about this that’s very scary.

Do you really own your own property? As with all contracts, the devil really is in the details. Tune in to its rainmaking time with Dave Krieger to find out what’s really happening and what to do about it.

Original air date: 8/20/2012

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  • isabelle Sep 19, 2012 @ 12:19

    I have a question re:”clouded titles” or, other serious potential problem with TITLES i am someone in need of purchasing a home, the market is fiercely competitive, and i have been searching for many months for the ‘appropriate’ kind of residence which has an extremely narrow criteria i.e. HARD TO FIND, i think i may have found it now, but have credit problem thus i must use a ‘hard money lender’ to finance the purchase and secure the property before other buyers snatch it up, my question is, since i was not able to execute all the needed steps.

    Dave Krieger prescribes in his discussion on this issue, can i simply take the hard money loan then the minute i can REFINANCE with better rate use that chance to renegotiate all the terms in such a way so as to protect my self AT THAT TIME from this clouded title issue?

    I appreciate your help to allow me to understand more clearly if i can revisit the problem in my next round of financing where i will be paying off the whole loan i am currently going to get in a hurry.

    THANK YOU kindly,

  • lisa gayle Aug 7, 2015 @ 4:57

    Please contact me about the recent controversy in Florida I have something you have to see , and I have names of people creating the clouds everything you state in your report is true please contact me through E mail

  • Elena Freshman Schumann May 20, 2022 @ 21:01

    Anyone knows that when you buy a piece of real estate you should also buy a title insurance policy. I have bought multiple pieces of real estate thoughout my life. Whenever I had a problem (which was rare) it was fixed by the title insurance carrier. It has been misquoted that whatever you are talking about is not covered by title insurance. I have just not found that to be true. MORAL: GET A TITLE INSURANCE POLICY EVERYTIME YOU BUY A PIECE OF PROPERTY.

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